Don't just pass the bar. Own the bar. You can do it, and BARBRI will be with you every step of the way. We've already helped over 1.2 million practicing attorneys and judges - more than all other bar review programs combined, times a hundred. Now we'd like to focus on you.

Experience the best, now even better

You do your best when you have the best teachers and mentors to guide you, people who care about your success. It's why the vast majority of law students choose BARBRI Bar Review to help them successfully pass the bar, the first time. This year, we've made notable improvements to make your experience even more engaging, interactive and personalized. BARBRI is the best, most innovative program - hands down.

  • The new BARBRI program is designed to strengthen your knowledge through better engagement, skill-building and personalized plans for continued improvement.
  • A completely new Individual Learning Planner that uses the latest technology to maximize your study time and increase your results
  • BARBRI professors are leading experts in the topics they teach and make the law come alive through captivating lectures.
  • Our best-in-class outlines and study materials have been perfected over many years and offer valuable insights to help you grasp important legal distinctions.
  • Innovative BARBRI AMP technology prepares you by testing not only your knowledge of the law, but your confidence in ways that no other program can.
  • Our new BARBRI Essay Architect, sequenced essay writing tool helps you better understand correct order, structure and context so you can maximize your essay score.
  • Only the BARBRI Pass Predictor can tell you how you'll perform on the bar exam by comparing your simulated MBE results, by subject, against the largest, most statistically valid group of bar exam takers, nationally.

Study smarter, not harder

As you steadily progress through your BARBRI directed study program, learning becomes more and more focused on you. We continuously track your results from practice exams and essays to provide you with a personalized plan. By identifying and recognizing your areas of strength, we shift your concentration to areas of improvement. Through regular assessments and remediation, you're able to study smarter, not harder. You won't waste precious time on subjects you already know. Instead, you can dig into uncertainties with other subjects. This laser-focused, individualized approach helps you gain a deeper understanding of the elements of law exactly as they will be tested on the bar exam.

Be part of something big

This year, we will kick off bar review with a nationwide, live-streaming event so you can share your journey with tens of thousands of your peers across the country. This motivational and inspiring bar prep initiation will be like nothing you've experienced before. Enroll in BARBRI Bar Review and become part of the largest, most distinguished network of students, alums and attorneys who chose to pursue the same noble profession...more than one million and counting.

Receive the personal guidance you need

Your BARBRI Director of Legal Education (DLE) has one job... to support you. He or she is available to offer any assistance you need and can be reached anytime; not just once a week by email. Every DLE is also a BARBRI alum, belonging to the same supportive network as you. They've been where you are and know what you're going through. So you should never feel hesitant to ask for their help.