1L Mastery Package: The most complete and effective 1L resource available

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1L MASTERY Package: Own your most critical year

You're immediately discovering that law school is quite different compared to undergrad. The assignments can be overwhelming and you may have been surprised that you are expected to primarily learn the rules of the law outside of the classroom on your own time.

All of this means that you must quickly adjust to a new learning style and, perhaps most importantly, choose the right tools to help you learn the rules of the law in the most effective and efficient manner.

Complete set of study aids for all 1L courses:

The new BARBRI 1L Mastery Package gives you access to highly effective study aids and final exam review tools, covering all required 1L courses: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Real Property and Torts.

Plus you receive our insightful 1L Getting Started Guide and How to Succeed in Law School video. You also have a direct line of communication with your very own BARBRI Director of Legal Education (DLE), who will guide you through your most important year of law school.

Detailed Course Outlines

Most law professors want you to apply the law (during class discussions and on final exams), but learning core concepts will require study time and creating outlines outside of the classroom.

Our detailed 1L course outlines kickstart you faster on creating your own outlines, as well as reinforcing your grasp of the substantive rules (the black letter law). You will need to know all this - and having organized, thorough yet concise course outlines will prove invaluable.

On-Demand Video Lectures

Extremely popular with law students, our outline, on-demand video lectures take vast amounts of information - entire 1L subjects - and deliver the material in a matter of a few hours.

The nation's top law school professors and legal practitioners explain key principles for each 1L course in a way that is captivating and memorable. The on-demand video lectures are broken down into sections so you can easily find and watch the most relevant parts of the lecture. This approach further reinforces what is being taught in the class at that moment and serves as an effective and efficient final exam tool.

Multiple-Choice, Essay Practice Questions

The repetition of working with practice questions will lead you to a better, deeper understanding of the law and its application. The practice questions track back to specific sections of the video lectures.

Bring it all together for the most effective learning and retention: watch the lecture, outline your notes (take a little break), and then work the practice questions. The new BARBRI 1L Mastery Package comes with hundreds of practice multiple-choice questions and practice essay questions.


Your first year grades are the most important. Period. Which is why it's so important to quickly acquire the right skills needed to conquer final exams. BARBRI's Exam Taking Strategies Workshop provides you with step-by-step instruction along with interactive exercises all designed to help you write A answers on your final exams this semester.

Deconstructing Exam Hypotheticals

Learn to identify and frame disputes in need of resolution - essentially reforming otherwise open-ended questions into a series of specific ones that you will spend your time analyzing and answering.

Macro and Micro Time Management

Learn time management strategies that help you budget your time for the entire exam (Macro Time Management), as well as strategies that help keep you on track to complete each section of your exam (Micro Time Management).

Identify the 'Call of the Question'

Learn to save time, energy and points by identifying the call of the question. Understanding your role, your goals and the controlling jurisdiction will affect your ability to fully analyze a fact pattern.

Outlining Answers Using Flip Flop

Learn to organize thoughts before you start writing your answers - saving you valuable exam time. We have developed a quick and simple tool called the FLiP FLoP Tree that helps you quickly outline each dispute you intend to address in your exam answer.

Drafting A+ Exam Answers (DRAC)

Learn to quickly and effectively communicate your analysis, using this easy-to-follow format. DRAC actually forces you to think more broadly and craft arguments for all parts of a dispute.

Exam Taking Strategies Overview

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The BARBRI first year outlines saved me this year! The materials are GOLD!! The BARBRI outlines are very efficient and great at breaking down complicated topics. I also used the practice essays and multiple choice questions when studying for my exams. I finished the year in the top 13% of the class, making dean's list! I also won an excellence for the future award for getting the highest grade in my property law class! I would highly recommend the BARBRI 1L Student Success Package.

Desiree Bagby, Pepperdine University School of Law, Class of 2017

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