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BARBRI is the overwhelming #1 choice for bar preparation in Connecticut and the nation. BARBRI has over 1 million alumni and 40+ years of bar review teaching experience.

BARBRI Bar Review is an intensive 8-9 week "all-inclusive" bar exam prep program comprised of everything you need to pass the Connecticut Bar Exam. It includes: substantive law lectures, Multistate and Essay Workshops, substantive law outlines and practice exam materials. You do not need to purchase anything beyond what is included in the BARBRI course.

BARBRI's Multistate Advantage

Special Features

BARBRI AMP is an interactive legal learning application that helps you learn faster and retain content longer. BARBRI AMP quickly distinguishes the MBE concepts you know, from those you don’t, allowing them to make the most out of your study time. Because most students avoid reviewing material they have already mastered, BARBRI AMP helps focus learning, improve retention and build MBE subject mastery, effectively reducing study time. An additional, unique aspect of BARBRI AMP is that it also tests a student’s confidence in their responses, ensuring that they have mastered the content vs. guessing their way to a right answer. To learn more about BARBRI AMP, watch our  YouTube demonstration.

Paced Program™
From the first day of the bar review course until the bar exam, BARBRI provides you with a Paced Program™. This daily study and assignment schedule guides you through the intricacies of the bar exam process at a manageable pace and balances review of the substantive law and practice questions for all of the components of the bar exam. The Paced Program™ is also available in interactive form which allows for use as a progress tracker throughout the bar review course. 

Essay Preparation
BARBRI will provide you with Essay Writing Workshops covering the writing style, timing, techniques and strategies needed to pass the bar exam. The concepts taught in these workshops will be reinforced by in-class and take-home assignments. Essay answers are graded and critiqued by BARBRI's experienced team of attorney graders, providing you with individual feedback. The BARBRI Subject Frequency Chart highlights those subjects fequently tested on the CT day of the bar exam.

StudySmart® Software
Using the latest technology, StudySmart® MBE and MPRE software helps you build on your strengths, identify weaknesses and maximize your performance. Individualized performance analysis tracks your progress throughout your studies.

Complete Online/Mobile Access
Miss a class? Don't worry! BARBRI offers unlimited access to ever bar review lecture via streaming video, at your convenience, at no additional cost.

Attorney Support
If you have questions arising from BARBRI lectures, outlines, handouts, testing materials or Paced Program™, our staff of attorneys are here for you from the first day of the course until the bar exam.