• A powerful preview of law school

    Even before your first day of law school classes begin, we'll teach you what to expect and how to excel.

    Law Preview is a one-week, intensive summer prep course where you learn effective academic strategies, test-taking tips, legal research/writing and more.

  • Making 1L grades when it matters most

    Good first year grades lead to law review and the best clerkships. Count on BARBRI to help you get there.

    Insightful online lectures and concise 1L course outlines reinforce concepts taught in class, and there's no better or more effective way to learn the basics of black letter law than with innovative BARBRI MasterMind modules. Other tools: 1L Success Book, StudySmart, Mobile App

  • Improving 2L grades and staying focused

    Midway is no time to let up. It's why we're there to help you in class, so you also have the time to focus on extracurricular activities.

    With BARBRI, you'll have everything you need in your 2L year — course outlines, StudySmart MBE practice questions and personalized support, making it easier to participate in OCI, moot court, law review and more. Other tools: Free MPRE Course, MasterMind, Mobile App

  • Building 3L confidence to finish strong

    You're so close you can taste it. Knowing what lies ahead is the reason BARBRI offers a jump on bar exam prep.

    Fully utilizing all BARBRI 3L resources will set you up for success as you begin bar review. Also, our Mobile App makes reviewing easy on the go, and your Director of Legal Education (DLE) is on hand to guide you. Other tools: 3L Outlines & Lectures, free MPRE Course

Helping like no other bar review can

As you take time to really explore this site, you’ll discover one thing. More. BARBRI Bar Review offers more experience, more innovative study aids and more personalized support than all others to help you succeed.