Bar exam passage rates, more than any other factor aside from location, influence student recruitment and law school reputation. BARBRI continues to partner with many law schools to achieve significantly higher bar passage rates – often experiencing double digit increases.

BARBRI Bar Review-Law School Edition offers law schools more control and options for expanded bar review tailored to each school’s specific needs. Beyond the open enrollment BARBRI bar review course available across the entire United States, BARBRI offers this custom bar review program at the institutional level.

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A primer for the bar exam. That may be just what many of your students need. Perhaps they aren’t performing in law school as well as they would like and the bar exam is fast approaching. Consider accelerated preparation. You can introduce them to components of the bar exam as early as fall semester of their third year.

Flexible and customizable to meet your school's needs. Our bar review programs include video lectures by the nation’s top professors, substantive and mini-review outlines, multiple-choice Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) practice questions and practice essays. Plus a simulated MBE that lets you see where your students are likely to rank on the bar exam's graded curve and in which areas of law they need extra focus and study time.  

A way to further empower your law professors. Your academic success program does not replace their methods of instruction. If anything, it gives your law professors additional support resources to more effectively teach students the black letter law that is paramount to passing the bar.

"I am absolutely thrilled with the progress of our BARBRI custom bar review program
and the school’s relationship with BARBRI. We are moving in a very positive direction
Gabriela Ryan, Director of Academic Support and Associate Professor of Law
Southwestern Law School

“We believe that improved bar passage rates translate into improved student recruitment.
In my opinion, a customized bar review program is the best thing a law school can do for its students.”

Malana Jones, Director of Bar Programs
California Western School of Law

“In the previous two years, before we offered the BARBRI custom course, our bar pass rates
were 53% and 56%, respectively. Now the rate is 20 points higher. Students who took
BARBRI on campus passed the bar at 74%.”

Tina Schindler, Director of Bar Preparation & Assistant Director of Academic Support
Whittier Law School


Only the BARBRI bar review course has BARBRI AMP technology. Our exclusive, interactive technology makes bar exam study time more efficient, quickly reinforcing concepts students already know well and focusing them on areas of law where they're having the most difficulty. Only BARBRI AMP provides real-time feedback every minute of study time. It monitors aptitude continuously and instantly configures follow-up questions until the student has demonstrated a solid grasp of a concept.
BARBRI AMP even provides regular aggregated data of student performance. Law school administrators and professors can use these reports throughout the year to identify areas of collective knowledge gaps that require re-teaching or other interventions. For detailed descriptions, view the BARBRI AMP Reporting Overview.

Students who completed 100% of the BARBRI AMP assignments scored an average
of 119 on a simulated MBE compared to a 106 average by students who did not complete
any BARBRI AMP assignments.

Data from the summer 2012 BARBRI bar review course.