Ten holiday gift ideas that fit perfectly with law students

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[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ]

The holiday season is upon us; sales are about to appear, and as a result, you may be wondering what to get that over-stressed law student in your life this year.

1. Bookstore Gift Card

Law school textbooks are expensive, every time we have to swipe our card to purchase them it breaks our heart. Imagine how amazing it would feel if we knew a few of our textbooks would be “free.”

2. Meal Kit Subscription

Hello Fresh, Blue Apron and other similar food subscription services save law students a lot of time (plus they ensure we’re eating a relatively healthy diet). No student in their right mind is going to turn down free food.

3. Coffee

Late nights + early mornings = COFFEE. This can come in any form, seriously, we don’t discriminate. Buy a box of fancy coffee; a tin of your regular run of the mill coffee; or a $10 gift card to Starbucks – we’ll take it.

4. Laptop Cover

We spend a lot of time on our laptops, sometimes a funky cover (you know, those ones that snap on) can brighten up our day.

5. Travel Mug

Let me tell you, an actual leak-proof travel mug is a rarity. If you find one, buy it immediately – there’s nothing worse than having your coffee/tea soak through your rented textbook.

6. Backpack

Sure, we probably already have one, but a new one’s always nice – especially if it’s a bit fancier than the one we’re currently touting around. If we’re 3L’s then a briefcase might be a nice touch as we’ll be entering the workforce soon.

7. Restaurant Gift Cards

Again with the food! Sometimes we don’t have the energy to cook, or maybe we just want to escape our apartment for a night. The price of eating out may deter us, but with a gift card on hand we’ll surely enjoy a meal or two!

8. Movie Tickets

I’ve yet to meet a law student (or really, a person) who hates all movies. 2020 has a good line-up of releases so you can rest assured that your movie tickets will go to good use.

9. Travel Ticket

Most law students have to travel at least an hour or two on a train/plane to visit home, this is just another expense that we have to budget in. If it’s reasonable, buying a one-way or round-trip ticket, or pitching in for a flight home can be a wonderful gift. If your law student lives too far away, another good option to consider is an Uber/Lyft gift card, or paying for their monthly transportation pass.

10. Comfy Clothes

We spend a lot of time studying in leggings, sweat pants, and baggy sweaters. I sincerely believe that you can never have too many comfortable articles of clothing, so don’t hesitate to buy the law student in your life that oversized knit sweater, or those super soft stretchy pants.

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