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1L Supplements

GUEST BLOG Stephanie Baldwin,
1L at
University of Arizona

Congratulations, Now for 1L Supplements!

We are well past the midpoint of the first semester as 1Ls and finals are just around the corner. Some of you might be like me, and you’ve recently received the results of your midterms, and you need some extra support, or perhaps you realize that finals are less than 4 weeks away and you feel like you want to maximize your understanding to be well prepared. 1L supplements might be just the thing you’re looking for! I spoke to many 2Ls and Law Librarians to see which supplements they recommended to help stay on track and get ahead.

Examples & Explanations Series. (E&Es)

One of the 1L supplements that everyone highly recommended was the Examples and Explanations Series, commonly referred to as E&Es. Since being introduced to the series, the E&E: The Law of Torts, Contracts and Civil Procedure have quickly become integrated into my study plan. They are great for extra clarification, plus I have found that the hypos provided closely resembled what we were asked on our midterms, especially for Civil Procedure. You can purchase these, or often find them in your law library on reserve.

BARBRI 1L Mastery Package & Outlines

Hopefully, you signed up for the 1L Mastery Package when it was free. You might have done this at your orientation, and if you’re not sure, stop by and see a rep who’s tabling and they can tell you. Yes, this is BARBRI blog, BUT the material here is fantastic, especially if you prefer to learn by listening vs. reading. You can access everything on the website, but I prefer to use the app. In addition to the helpful videos, you can also choose to download and listen to the audio version and take it with you!

On the app, you can also find questions to help you study, and pdfs of the 1L outlines. The outlines are great to check against your own, to see if you missed any key concepts. Pro tip: if you see something worded differently in the BARBRI outline that seems to conflict with your Professor, use your Professors methodology. You can also use the BARBRI outlines to help get clarification from your professor about key concepts too. I did this and realized I had misunderstood a statement about a key concept. Without the BARBRI outline, I would have had the wrong information on my personal outline.

1L Supplements

Short and Happy Guides

Want another suggestion for 1L supplements? While not as comprehensive as they E&Es, if you need a quick review of your topic the Short and Happy Guides are perfect for this purpose. I have found the Civil Procedure guide to be helpful. I use it to review what I’ve already learned. Also, before class, I use it to be able to process what my professor is discussing. It allows me focus on her key preferences and application of the concepts.


On the complete opposite spectrum of the Short and Happy Series, we have Hornbooks. These are long and extremely comprehensive summaries of the law for a particular area of the law. While you might not want (or need to) read the entire hornbook (some appear to be as big as casebooks AND as expensive) you might find a chapter on a specific topic helpful. Again, your law school library will likely have these on hand to help you out and save you a few hundred dollars.

What 1L supplements are you using to help succeed during your 1L? Let me know over @The1LLife on twitter!

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