#thebarlife: Remembering My Mantras

GUEST BLOG by Ifeoma Ukwubiwe
Graduating 3L from Rutgers School of Law-Newark

It’s no surprise that in law school you can easily feel like you’re drowning in stress.

The first year is devoted to academic achievement in the classroom and finding the best summer internship. At the conclusion of most courses, you get one final exam to test your substantive knowledge of the black letter law. However, for many students, the second year of law school is the busiest year. Although the unique pressures of the first year are gone, second-year law students find themselves juggling a full schedule of classes, student organizations, externships and interviewing for a summer internship. After surviving the first two years, you reach the third and final year. For many students, the third year of law school is a fun and enjoyable experience. Most third-year students get to take courses that truly interest them or courses that will give them the most A’s. Although, every law student has a unique experience in their respective schools, most students must plan ahead for the Bar Exam.

My three years at Rutgers School of Law-Newark is near the end. My final exams are completed, I’ve picked up my graduation regalia and I’ve received my Bar prep books. I’ve even started the “BARBRI Early Start Bar Review.” I know I have a long road ahead. One way I’ve prepared for my own unanticipated, but nonetheless certain, stressful moments this summer is by keeping in mind these mantras:

  1. “Trust yourself.” – Ifeoma
  2. “As you study, remind yourself often of how much you have already achieved to have earned the opportunity to prepare for this exam. Studying is a privilege that countless people wish they had.” Prof. Franzese
  3. “This too shall pass, and so will you. You have earned the right to be here. Not by chance, By hard work. You’ve got this. What comes thereafter will make all of the hard work worth it” Prof. Franzese
  4. When you hear yourself thinking “I can’t get this done,” “I don’t understand any of this,” know that feelings aren’t facts.” Prof. Franzese
  5. “Under stress, emotions distort truth. The truth is you can do this, you will understand enough to pass, you have the time you need.” Prof. Franzese
  6. “You don’t have to do this, You get to do this” Ifeoma
  7. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” –Tony Robbins
  8. “Your past does not equal your future.”– Tony Robbins

I know there will be times when I will be sliding towards the edge of “Mush Land,” the place where my brain will involuntarily shut down and no longer process words on a page. I will repeat my mantras. I will take a walk. I will rest. I will breathe.

I challenge all the bar-preppers out there to create their own mantras and keep them mind while you #OwnTheBar.

Until Next Time,