#BarExamTake2: Post Bar Reintegration

GUEST BLOG by Gianna Venticinque,
Graduate of Northern Illinois College of Law

You may be reading this post-bar but hey, better late than never, right?!

It’s finally here!! The day everyone’s been waiting for… er… sort of waiting for, more like dreading, but it’s here!!. Let me tell you, walking out of the Bar after day two is probably the most amazing/weird moment you’ll ever experience in your life (thus far at least). You’ll be thrilled it’s over, but you won’t know what to do with yourself. I’ll tell you from experience, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT talk about the questions with ANYONE. The second you put down that #2 bar examiner-provided used pencil after the last question you are D.O.N.E. If you do decide think about it, that’s all on you – don’t say I didn’t warn you. You’ll drive yourself nuts if you actually start to backtrack. It’s not worth the anxiety nor is it worth the “what if’s” that will automatically start going through your mind. Trust me.

I recommend taking some time for yourself post-bar, a “reintegration” of sorts. Call your friends and see your family, go out to a nice dinner, see a movie, have a few cocktails, and just relax. You deserve a break. If you’re a first-time taker, you went through two months of absolute hell. I can’t even sugar coat it to make it sound somewhat pleasant. Because it’s not pleasant and it never will be. You’ll never look back on the first time you bar prepped as a positive experience. You do, however, know more law than you’ll probably ever know again in your life, so that’s a plus, I guess. But really once you’re home and dare I say bored, do something you enjoy doing and actually enjoy it.

As for the results, I know every second you have to wait seems like an eternity. And you may not get the results you hoped for. But please please please believe me, everything, and I mean EVERYTHING will be okay. I survived. It may have even made me a stronger person. I’m much tougher in the sense that I thought it would mean my life was over if I didn’t pass because I couldn’t be an attorney and I couldn’t do everything I wanted to right away. But my life didn’t end — it somehow got better.

Final thoughts: trust your gut. Don’t change an answer unless you absolutely know it’s wrong. Had I trusted my gut on a few questions, I may not have been writing this blog right now.

You’ve got this,

#barpreplife: 1 More Week!

GUEST BLOG by Harrison Thorne,
Graduate of UCLA Law

So, the Bar Exam is one week away.

I have studied more in the past 9ish weeks than my entire last year of school. It is honestly unbelievable how much can be learned in a few weeks. At first, the process seemed impossible. But, I followed BARBRI’s program without deviating. And now, I find myself stating rules in essays with ease. I don’t know how I got from A to B, but I did—thanks to following BARBRI’s program.

My week is pretty hectic. I’m doing 5-6 essays per day for 2 subjects—roughly 10 essays per day. I’m also going over performance tests, and doing multiple choice questions. But, I feel comfortable with my level of knowledge, and I feel comfortable knowing I worked my hardest. Now, I just have to get this test out of the way, and hope for the best.

Another thing that has occurred to me—people fail. It’s not fun to think about, but it happens. Obviously it could happen to me. My plan is to forget all about the Bar for the three or four months between taking it and finding out results. Then, if I need to retake it, I will get back into study mode and go at it again. A lot of people I have talked to are seriously freaking out this week. If you don’t feel comfortable with your level of knowledge, work hard this week, within reason, but do NOT freak out. I have been a freak-out guy before, and it doesn’t change what you know. Instead, if makes retaining information impossible. Try to take it easy, and do a lot of practice essays and problems.

I’m so impressed with BARBRI’s program, based on the vast amount of rules and skills I’ve picked up along the way. I couldn’t recommend BARBRI enough, and that’s not just because I write a blog for them!   I think their program is phenomenal, and while there were times where I doubted some of their assignments’ efficacy, I am totally supportive of the process. I loved the MBE questions. They were so hard, but they helped nail down precise nuances. I also thought the Mini Review is amazing. All in all, I would suggest BARBRI to anybody.

Good luck!