#The3Llife: Suggested Methods for Studying

GUEST BLOG by Lauren Rose,
3L at University of Detroit Mercy

Whether we like it or not, finals are here.

Hopefully you have been studying and keeping up on your outlines throughout the semester.  Also, I hope that you have figured out what study methods work best for you.  Here are a few methods that I like to use while studying for final exams.

  • Write it out. After completing and reviewing my outlines on the computer, I like to write out my outlines by hand.  This allows me to grasp the material in a different way because I am forced to interact with it.  Writing requires you to think about what you are putting onto the piece of paper.  Also, while I am writing my outlines, I am able to flag topics that I am unclear on.  If I do not understand a topic, I make a point to look it up or put a sticky note as a reminder to look it up later.  Also, I like to write out flashcards and quiz myself.
  • Use colors. I like to write my outlines and my flashcards in vibrant colors.  I have used this method throughout high school, college, and law school.  While my outlines may look like an elementary school coloring book, I find the use of color to be incredibly helpful.  The colors allow me to keep track of different topics within an outline. Also, studies have shown that the use of color may enhance memory.   If you’re looking for a way to make studying a little bit more fun, and enhance your memory at the same time, try using fun colored pens!
  • Take breaks. Sitting in one place for hours upon hours is exhausting.  I am a big proponent of taking short breaks.  Take a break to get a cup of coffee or take a walk around the building.  I understand that time is of the essence while studying for finals, so make a break a goal.  For example, “When I finish reviewing this topic, I can go grab a cup of coffee or take a quick walk outside.”  Use these breaks not only as motivation to get through material but also as a way to take a few minutes to focus on something else.
  • Continue a regular workout schedule. This is easier said than done, however, it is important to maintain some level of exercise while studying for finals.  Sitting for 10+ hours a day is not good for your body.  Take an hour or so to go on a run, attend a yoga class, or go swimming.

Those are just a few of things that I like to do while studying for finals.  Do you have any tips that you would like to share with other law students?  Tweet me @The3LLife!