#The1Llife: Interview Season is Upon Us

GUEST BLOG By Lauren Rose, 
1L at the University of Detroit Mercy

Interview season is upon us.

Across the country, 1Ls are suiting up and preparing themselves to interview and score a summer job. Many 1L students may have already found a position. Some may be finishing up the interview processing and narrowing down options. Others are still interviewing and applying to jobs. Applying for internships, or externships, a paid position, or whatever, is a process. I will be finishing up my interviews next week — woohoo! Here are a few things that I would recommend to other 1Ls about the process.

  1. Go to your law school’s career office. First of all, why wouldn’t you take advantage of this resource?! You pay for it, you might as well use it! Second of all, these people are experienced in reading resumes and cover letters. They will also help prepare you for interviews. Also, they may have some other great resources that you can use. Last week, I had a phone interview. I went to the career office and asked if they had any recommendations for a quiet place to conduct the interview. To my surprise, the office has rooms that they allow students to use for interviews! I was so happy to find out that my school had a quiet room for me to use. It was incredibly convenient and I was able to conduct the interview in a quiet room with a desk.
  2. Look professional. Law school is expensive. Casebooks are expensive. Literally everything for these next three years will be expensive. While I find shopping fun, I don’t always find shopping for professional clothes fun. If you’re worried about spending the money on a professional outfit, check out department store sales and look online for coupons. Also, some retailers offer great deals and may even offer student discounts on full price items with your Student ID! I really think that a nice suit or nice outfit sets you apart in the interviewing process. It shows that you actually care about the interview and about yourself. If you’re not sure what to wear to an interview, ask some upperclassmen or an advisor at the career office.
  3. Research the place you are interviewing at. This is a great talking point for you during interviews! Do a quick Google search on the firm, organization, or department that you are interviewing at. The interviewers are usually pretty impressed if you can tell them something about the company or something about what the company recently did. Believe me, having knowledge about the company will set you apart!
  4. Be up to date on current events. Sometimes, I feel like I’m living in a law school bubble. However, it is important to figure out what is going on in the world before you go to an interview. You should know what is going on in the city of the place you are interviewing at. You should also probably know something about current events. This will be an easy conversation starter while you’re waiting for the interview to start, or after the interview if there is a lull period.

I know that many 1Ls may have already found a summer position. If you are still interviewing, good luck! Have confidence in yourself that you will rock your interview. You can do it! How are your interviews going? Did you already find a summer position? Tweet me @The1LLife!