2L Summer Checklist

GUEST BLOG Makenzie Way, 2L at the University of Pennsylvania Law School

The countdown has begun until we trade in law school for our summer jobs.

Do you have a 2L Summer Checklist? Considering how fast-paced these next few weeks are likely going to be, it may be helpful to start considering how to prepare for your summer (that way you’re not overwhelmed at the last minute).

I’ve always been someone who likes to physically check items off as I complete them so I can track my progress. Thus, I’ve found it super helpful to compile a ‘2L summer checklist’ with things I need to complete before I leave in May!

2L Summer Checklist


Summer Checklist
Confirm your employment dates with your employer
• Immediately inform your employer of any conflicts or required “off” days
Fill out and submit all required documentation with your employer
Apply for work authorization and/or residency visas (if applicable)
Apply for summer funding if working in public interest
Secure housing for the months of your summer employment (try to negotiate half months if your dates line up that way)
Find a subletter for your apartment if you’ll be working out of city
• Inform your landlord of your sublet plans and complete any required paperwork
Locate a storage unit for your personal belongings (if subletting or moving)
Begin to slowly pack and/or clean out your apartment
Have your suits dry cleaned (if necessary)
Schedule an appointment to get required vaccines (if working abroad)
Book train tickets, plane tickets, or car rentals for your move to/from your summer job
Purchase necessary business clothing, shoes, or accessories that your wardrobe is currently lacking
Reach out to junior associates at your employer to see if they have any tips for success