3L-itis: Staying Motivated Your 3L Year

Guest Blog by Courtney Boykin, 3L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Have you guys ever heard of “senior-itis?”

It’s this idea that as time approaches to graduation, the motivation to do basically anything is practically nonexistent.

I had senioritis pretty badly in high school. By the time I became a senior in college, it was a totally different level of “I don’t care.” Now that I’m just a few months out from completing my law courses, my motivation to do anything is slim to none. I definitely have a touch of “3L-itis.”

As true as that statement may be, it is EXTREMELY important to stay motivated. You must maintain that level of tenacity that’s gotten you to this point. How terrible would it be to start slacking your last semester? If anything we should want to go out with a “bang.”


In order to keep a significant level of motivation, it’s important to remember why you started. Some of us have very moving stories pertaining to why we’re in law school or how we got here. Remember those stories and let them catapult you to a GRAND exit!

Personally, I’m motivated by the thought of the people I get to help if I strongly finish this process. I can only imagine the people that will significantly benefit from the knowledge I’ve acquired over these past few years. Honestly, just writing this blog encouraging you all to finish strong encourages me.

So, finish strong! We got this guys!

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