Ten tips for a truly self-care spring break experience

Self-care Spring Break

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ]

Spring break has finally arrived, and while most of my law school friends are going off on fun adventures, I decided that I needed to stay home, as I knew I could benefit from 100% downtime. This semester has been a new challenge. Not only am I in a different city, I am taking classes on the quarter system (so I am writing this in the middle of my finals), working 20 hours a week at a firm, teaching this quarter, as well as commuting back to Tucson one day a week for classes so I can still be February bar eligible. Whew. No wonder I decided to forgo going to Florida, I cannot imagine adding travel and packing into this mix. I know a few of my friends also feel the same way, and even though they do not have work or finals this week, their notes were due, so they are just as overwhelmed. So, if you have decided to stay home, or have had your plans canceled because of the outbreak, here are some tips that may help you rejuvenate during spring break. Try one or all!

1) Plan Out the Rest of the Semester

Ok, maybe skip this one if you are completely burnt out, but for me, this helps me to relax. The second half of my semester is less intense. This upcoming quarter I have just five classes, rather than seven and I am not teaching. I will have Fridays free to work on my note and other activities. I want to make sure I do not waste the time I gain back, so planning out the remaining eight weeks will help put my mind at ease.

Wellness by going for a bike ride.

2) Consider a Week of Wellness

Yoga, massages, bike rides, hikes, and spending time by the lake are all in my future.  One of my friends even found a healthy cooking and juicing class for us to go to. Find a new healthy habit to try or return to one that you have neglected so far this semester. Hopefully, you will be somewhere you can get outside and enjoy the great weather. Check your area for ideas, as many businesses, offer spring break specials and events focused on wellness, especially for students.

3) Binge Watch All the Shows

Maybe instead of being active, you would prefer to cuddle up with your favorite blanket and catch up on all of the TV shows waiting for you. If you feel like you’ve been missing out on all of the talk about viral TV shows, now is the time to catch up.

4) Go to the Movies

I haven’t been to a movie in… wow… since winter break. I even bought a season pass to Alamo to try to encourage myself to get to the theatre more often, so next week I am going to use it! There are a few great movies out, and who doesn’t love popcorn?

5) Sleep

Yes… sleep in, go to bed early, take a nap. Get all of the sleep you want. You have nowhere to be!

6) Have a Night Out

Gather your friends and the people important to you and reconnect. It can be wild, or low key, just make sure you get out and enjoy each other’s company.

7) Tidy Up

Depending on if you like to clean, this might be fantastic or torture, but if you’ve also had an insanely busy semester, now is a great time to get your car, closet, room, apartment, or house in order. If clutter has been driving you nuts, now is the time to tackle it. You don’t have to tidy everything, just focus on one area that’s been annoying you and you will feel accomplished!

8) Journal

This is something that I used to do and just started last week, and that is maintaining a journal. Not only is this good for you to help preserve memories, but it also can help relieve stress. If journaling is not your thing, consider writing a letter to your future self for some extra encouragement, or just writing down all of the things you’ve accomplished so far to see how far you’ve come.

9) Create a Vision Board

While I have never done this, my friend John strongly believes that you should do this every spring. He says that it allows you to be creative and set your intentions. Maybe you can focus on the rest of the semester, what you want to have happen this spring, summer, or whenever.

10) Read a Book

Remember what it was like to read something other than a law book, treaties, case, or supplement? No? Well, now is a great time to escape into a favorite book or to find something new to read. Just make sure it isn’t school-related, you deserve a break!

I hope you have an amazing spring break wherever you are! What tips do you have for self-care during spring break? Let me know over at the @The2LLife on Twitter or Instagram.

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