Advice: Slow. Down.

Guest Blog by Courtney Boykin
3L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

Want some advice? Slow down. This summer I had the AMAZING privilege of interning at a local school board in their general counsel’s office. It was such a great, enlightening, and enriching experience. Everything about the placement was wonderful!

On my last day, I met with the chief counsel. After we talked about my Summer experience, she asked me about my upcoming year. I told her about my 6 different courses, my extracurricular activities, my dual degree program, and my jobs.

After going down my list of “to-dos,” she told me about her law school regrets. Surprisingly, it wasn’t about studying, classes she didn’t take, or the people she didn’t meet. Her biggest regret was that she didn’t take a day off and go to the movies, the gym, or something of that nature. She regretted that she didn’t take a day off.

After reminiscing, she sat back in her chair and gave me a piece of advice I’ve heard my whole life.

“Don’t be afraid to slow down.”

My family and friends tell me this all the time and this semester, with my packed schedule, I realized the necessity of slowing down. We’re approaching a long-awaited finish-line, but we’re also about to embark on a new journey.

So, here’s to slowing down. Here’s to taking a day, or watching a movie or going to the gym. Work hard, but also remember you’re human and even you…yes you…need a break.