An Eventful Road to Becoming a Successful Health Care Attorney

GUEST BLOG by Jackson Long,
1L at SMU Dedman School of Law

image001.jpgBrian Higgins, Esq. took an eventful road to becoming a successful health care attorney.

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Brian went to Denison University located outside of Columbus, Ohio. In college, Brian earned his B.A. in Spanish while playing for the school’s soccer team. Upon graduation, he decided to take a teaching position in Spain for a year.

Now for the eventful part.

Upon graduation from the University of Cincinnati College of Law, Brian faced the daunting challenge of the July 2015 Bar exam. He studied for fifty consecutive days with a bar prep company (that wasn’t BARBRI). His preparation wasn’t as clear or concise as he would have hoped and it led to a “super nervous” feeling heading into exam day.

After the agonizing wait, Brian had to take in the bad news of a failed attempt. “It felt like a death,” he said. “It was debilitating for a few days. I always thought I was smart and I couldn’t believe other people passed when I didn’t.”

That’s when Brian found BARBRI’s online course. It was important to him to seek out another prep strategy to improve his results. BARBRI worked with Brian throughout the process before his second opportunity at the Bar exam.

“The fill-in-the-blank outlines, the elements of the law, the organized structure of BARBRI all stick out,” Brian says. “It’s easy to digest and seeing BARBRI’s program allowed me to identify some of the flaws of my previous preparation. BARBRI is the master of bar exam prep.”

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Brian’s results from his next bar exam were masterful as well. He finished in the 98th percentile of all test takers statewide and the feeling of that kind of success made the long journey worth it. “I was overwhelmed with joy; so happy to have overcome that hurdle. It made me feel like I had nothing left to prove.”

He says the impact of BARBRI’s preparation was paramount in his stellar performance. “Do BARBRI 100 percent. Don’t mess around. They will work with you and truly care about your success.”

Currently, Brian works at one of the biggest firms in Cincinnati with the health care services team. His goal is to become an expert in the health care industry and eventually advise hospital systems and life sciences companies. Now that he’s in the door, his options are limitless.

“After passing the Bar exam, I felt like I could do anything. BARBRI opened up that door for me – a door that has led to so many incredible opportunities.”