Apps to help you study, relax and bring balance before finals


GUEST BLOG Stephanie Baldwin, 1L at the University of Arizona

Finals are weeks away. Did I just say that!?!?

Ok well, there is no way to avoid the truth… Finals are coming…

To help you get prepared here are some recommended apps, to help you study, relax, and bring some balance to the remaining days of our second semester.

One of my friends at school recently exposed me to and its app. It is fantastic. It allows you to create flashcards easily and then provides a graded response about your study session so that you can track your progress. This is ideal for learning rules and more to prepare for finals.

Before being exposed to this site I also used Cram, but I prefer this one more. Another great option is Quizlet. I would look at all three of these and see which one fits your study style best.

Music is a must for when I am studying, and Spotify has been really great for supplying me with terrific playlists. I’ve turned into a fan of pop instrumental for my study music.

We all need some calmness in our lives, and my favorite meditation app is Meditation Studio. It even has a section dedicated to students with really short 3-5 minute meditations that are easy to listen to between study sessions or even before an exam. It also has longer, more traditional mediation offerings, that are really useful.

The BARBRI Study Plan app has study videos for ALL of our 1L classes. I used this heavily for Civ Pro last semester, and in many ways, it’s the reason I received as good of a grade as I did. I plan to start listening to these lessons this week, so I can take extra notes to supplement my outline and lecture notes.  You can also find outlines in the app to help you build your own. I like the fact that the app allows you to watch a video or to download just the audio version of each lesson. This makes it very easy to listen to these lessons while doing tasks around the house or working out.

I love Life Cycle because it lets me see how I am spending my time each day, week and month. I have it set to automatically log where I am and what I am working on, but you can also do this manually. Often, I post this on Instagram and people always ask about the app. I like it because it lets me see how much time I am doing homework at the law library, in classes and more

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