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We get it. Enrolling in a bar prep course can feel like a big step. And while we’re very confident that we are the right bar prep partner for you, we understand that you might want to touch and feel it before you can feel confident.

That’s why we created the BARBRI Bar Prep Preview. Sign up risk-free now for a hands-on preview of a BARBRI bar prep course. You’ll get to experience the BARBRI Personal Study Plan run by ISAAC so you can move forward with confidence.

We’re here for you every step of

Preparing for the bar exam is hard. You’re going to want someone you can trust to guide you through it. BARBRI is here to give you that trust: in our proven process and, more importantly, in yourself. That’s why we’ve designed a bar prep experience that is statistically proven to increase your chances of passing with every minute you spend on it.

Want to know how it all works? Check out this video.

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BARBRI Bar Prep Preview

BARBRI Bar Prep Preview

Sign up for BARBRI Bar Prep Preview to get a real taste of BARBRI bar prep before you enroll. No commitment.

More students trust us

"I passed the July 2021 Florida Bar Exam.  Thank you so much for providing a wonderful bar prep program!  I used Kaplan and Celebration Bar Review to prepare for the October 2020 exam, and while I’m sure they are helpful for many students, their teaching methods never “clicked” for me.  It’s incredibly exciting knowing that I will be sworn in and get to begin working as an attorney on October 8th!  I cannot thank you enough!"

Kara Jan Bremer

Mitchell Hamline School of Law

"Once I accepted that I could trust the BARBRI Bar Review course, I stopped asking why. I stopped asking about things that a classmate or I found in the practice answers that I thought were wrong or irrelevant. I stopped asking questions about whether I should do more than the assigned MBE questions each night. No need unless I wanted to for the heck of it. I stopped asking whether I should take another course on top of BARBRI. The answer is, if you do what they assign, it is NOT necessary. Do you hear me? I trusted the program and so should you. It works. I am living proof as I passed three bars by trusting BARBRI and I am just a normal person."

Gregory Rutchik, LL.M.

Temple University School of Law

"BARBRI was an essential part of my success on those exam days. From day one, BARBRI was a great primer to subjects I'd forgotten. The progress tracking tools kept me engaged throughout the study process. I was blown away by the MBE Review lectures; those professors knew exactly what to expect on the bar. I definitely put in the work, but the course was worth every penny!"

Sean Tate

University of Texas School of Law

Ready to start studying? Find the BARBRI bar prep course that’s built for you

Traditional Bar Review

Full-time course | 8-10 week

Study for any U.S. state exam, including the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE)
Best for:

Candidates with a J.D. from a U.S. law school looking for the quickest, most efficient & effective course to pass any U.S. state bar exam

Extended Bar Prep

Part-time course | 6- or 10-month 

Study for a UBE state, including New York or California
Best for:

Best for candidates without a J.D. from a U.S. law school looking for the most comprehensive bar prep or students who want more study time & flexibility

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