#BarPrepLife: Bargression

GUEST BLOG by Lauren Thedford,
SMU Law School graduate and BARBRI bar review student

Bargression is a thing. Bargression is when, due to bar prep, one is irrationally angry or emotional for no reason other than being stressed and overwhelmed.

The catalyst could be tiny – a vibrating phone or a bubble gum pop. It could be huge – a family emergency or problems with a significant other. It may be somewhere in between – a poor MBE result or falling behind on assignments. Either way, “bargression” is real and apparently mid-June is prime time #bargression season.

I, myself, began twitching during bar prep class last week, when someone’s phone vibrated nine time (yep, I counted) during the first hour. Not only that, but two people who sat near me walked in late. That’s 11 disruptions of thought within one hour on a morning that was already difficult because people decided to argue with me about having to show their ID to enter the bar review course room (I am a location administrator).

My hand legitimately began twitching after I “shh-ed” in the direction of the vibrating phone. Fun fact: my friend thinks it was the professor’s phone that was going off. Oops? Not really. Turn that off. It’s distracting.

Speaking of #bargression, here is a “special” post that mixes the weekly blog with the #TweetsOTheWeek. Let’s be honest, I’m too busy to write a real post,and bargression tweets are more exciting, so enjoy!



It’s true. We know it’s irrational, but that’s not stopping us.



The knife, skull and other violent emojis
have become standard in my “Recent” section.
Extra points if you know the new emoji, coming out in June,
that will be the go-to for #barprep tweets.


It’s best not to talk to/question/interact
with anyone going through bar prep.



I know it’s happening … but I can’t stop it!



She’s not kidding – things get destroyed.



See. Told you.



Last, but not least, I think Squidward really sums it all up.
I feel like I have become the living, breathing embodiment
of mean ol’ Squidward. Sorry (not sorry).


Overall, the tweets of other bar preppers have, at least, let me know that I’m not alone. I’m not the only one feeling this way and this is something we can all get through together. It’s like culture shock: the more you know about what is going to happen to you and how you’re going to feel, the better equipped you are to handle the extreme changes.

I’ve resolved myself to taking VERY deep breaths every time someone walks in late, crinkles cellophane or leaves a phone on. Does it fix everything? No. But it has helped me to refocus my energy on what really matters: passing the bar.

Also. Wine.

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