#BarPrepLife: I dunno

GUEST BLOG by Lauren Thedford,
SMU Law School graduate and BARBRI bar review student

Hello all,

It’s been a while, I know. There are really only a few things going on when you’re half-way through bar prep:

1) Stress

Most days I’m stressed because I have a lot to do. Every day has numerous tasks accompanying it and it’s very difficult to catch up if you take a day off or an accidental six-hour nap (it’s possible).

Other days, I’m stressed that I’m not stressed enough. Should I be freaking out more? I trust the BARBRI bar review course and I’ll learn what I need to learn, but am I doing it right? Am I engaged enough? Am I studying enough? Should I be doing more?

Then there’s just the day-to-day stress of waking up and deciding whether you care enough to put on real clothes. Hint: You don’t.

The BARBRI lecturers are pretty good about warning you not to listen to what other people say about their study habits, but it’s nearly impossible not to ask. Someone is working during bar prep? Someone is on top of every single assignment on the Interactive Paced Program AND does extra MBE practice questions every day?! At the least, I’ve learned to have a healthy dose of skepticism. Either way, it’s an additional question mark that adds to the stress.

I haven’t had a bar prep freak out yet, but I credit that to my eating and working out skills, and the emergency pedicure. See below.

2) Eating Everything

Food makes me happy. Food is my study break. I try to eat healthy, but that’s just not as fun as rewarding myself with a cheeseburger after I catch the little Interactive Paced Program arrow.

Inner monologue: You finished your practice MBE? Good. Do another one and then you can eat dinner. Do a practice essay and you can have that cookie. No wine until you catch the arrow.

I don’t like my inner voice most of the time, but food is my favorite kind of reward.

Inevitably, stress eating leads to working out so that the guilt I mentioned earlier doesn’t expand to guilt over stress eating. IT’S A NEVER ENDING CYCLE.

At least it’s only two months?

3) Commiserating with others

Never has “misery loves company” been more true. If the #bargression post didn’t make it clear enough, there are a good amount of us bar preppers who enjoy releasing a little steam on Twitter. We find others who are in the same boat, maybe even on the same lecture topic, and at least feel as though we’re not alone.

I’ve turned to doodling my emotions, as well, and found a fellow doodler or two along the way.

Check it out:


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a salt and battery

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