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Is BARBRI the best bar prep? Is BARBRI worth it?

Are several bar prep courses ‘good enough’ to get by? Is BARBRI really worth it?

Tackling the biggest bar prep myths

For over five decades, BARBRI has been the preeminent, best bar prep course. And over that time, over 1.3 million U.S. licensed lawyers, law professors and judges have passed the bar by trusting BARBRI, more than all other bar prep providers combined!

Yet, myths exist that make students question if BARBRI is worth it. These myths also make students wonder if there are several bar prep courses that might be ‘good enough’ to get by.

We’re here to set the record straight on bar exam prep myths. We are going to show you why BARBRI is the best bar prep and why we are worth it.

Myth #1

BARBRI is afraid to publish pass rates

The real myth here is the credibility of published pass rates. We get it. It’s a sweet, easy story we all want to believe. But how credible are published pass rates that are littered with asterisks and drawn from small, skewed samples? Unfortunately, published pass rates are convoluted, generalized and, most importantly, have no bearing on how you will personally do on your exam.

The truth: There’s only one reason to invest in a bar prep course: To get the most points you can get on your bar exam so you’re confident you’ll pass the first time. Studies show that every hour you invest studying with BARBRI adds more points to your bar exam score vs. the same time spent with any other bar prep course. Data proves every BARBRI Bar Review course assignment you work statistically correlates to passing.

Here’s a more startling truth. ABA data shows that, for every 10% of students at a law school who study with a course other than BARBRI, that school’s overall pass rate decreases by 2%.

BARBRI gives you the most points and the most confidence. We show again and again how BARBRI is worth your time and effort. That’s why about 9 out of 10 BARBRI students pass the bar. Can we also talk about how this contains zero asterisks?

Myth #2

BARBRI gives too much work

Let us be perfectly clear, studying for, and passing, the bar is hard work. There’s no easy way to pass the bar. No way to get around doing real work.

That said, here's the truth: Several years ago, BARBRI probably did assign more work than necessary. We did then what many bar prep courses still do today (particularly courses that were created using old outdated, knock-off BARBRI techniques). We treated everything that could potentially be tested on the bar exam equally. If there was even the possibility that something could be tested, we made sure to prep students on every nook and cranny. And there are a lot of things that can potentially be tested on the bar exam.

That’s when ISAAC changed the game.

We created ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant And Coach, to use algorithms and artificial intelligence to break down 50+ years of exclusive BARBRI bar prep and bar exam data. The result? ISAAC knows what’s most likely to be tested on your bar exam.

In other words, it knows what assignments to tackle, and the best order in which to tackle them, to get the most points on the bar.

ISAAC is the engine that drives the BARBRI Bar Review course today. And ISAAC does some other really cool stuff too. It knows much time is remaining until you take your bar exam, and it also gets to know you. If you take a day off, spend less time studying one day or more time on another, ISAAC constantly and automatically adjusts your BARBRI Personal Study Plan (PSP) as you work.

Today, with ISAAC, BARBRI doesn’t assign too much work. BARBRI assigns the right amount of work for you.

Myth #3

BARBRI courses are not flexible

The truth: We used to agree. When students historically studied for the bar exam in a physical classroom, the schedule was very rigid because it had to be.

That all changed when 1) we created ISAAC and 2) we developed MyBARBRI Connect.

ISAAC is the engine that creates your BARBRI Personal Study Plan (PSP). It’s the difference between a "one size fits all” course and a "personalized specifically for you" experience. And Everything ISAAC assigns is statistically correlated to passing your bar exam.

Most BARBRI students choose to study for the bar over 8-10 weeks. They graduate from law school, take a few days off, then begin bar prep in earnest. If this sounds like you, plan to spend an average of 40 hours per week studying. Treat bar prep like you would treat a new, important job. The time you put in will be well worth the results. Where you study, which days you choose to study during the week and what time(s) of day you study are completely up to you.

Don’t have 40 hours to spend each week? Planning to take some time off during bar prep?  Start studying a couple of weeks earlier and spread your study hours out over a longer period of time. BARBRI Bar Review courses typically open about 12 weeks prior to the bar exam. When you first access your Personal Study Plan (PSP), you will be prompted to select your start date and customize your schedule. You may select the days of the week you’d like to regularly study as well as any specific days you need to take off. ISAAC automatically adapts as it learns from you, your schedule customizations and time remaining until your exam. Whether you’re on track, working ahead or falling a bit behind, ISAAC makes sure you will get you the most points possible.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in MyBARBRI Connect. All BARBRI Bar Review students are invited to join live, interactive Strategies & Insights virtual webinars held throughout bar prep. In addition to Strategies & Insights webinars, most BARBRI Bar Review options also allow you to virtually collaborate with a Strategies Group & Coach from anywhere in the world. Your Strategies Group is a series of small group sessions, led by an expert bar prep coach, that provides support and bar exam strategy advice throughout your course. They provide the opportunity to ask questions in a relaxed, digital environment as you connect with fellow bar-takers.

Experience the BARBRI Bar Prep difference.

Myth #4

BARBRI lectures are too long and boring

The truth: We heard you and did some serious soul-searching. That’s why we just completely overhauled the BARBRI lecture experience.

We still have the most brilliant legal minds teaching you the concepts that you’ll most likely encounter on your bar exam. Brilliant legal minds who also happen to be inspiring and engaging lecturers. That hasn’t changed.

But now, with our new interactive lecture experience, you will actively participate as you take quizzes and complete other learning activities during each lecture segment. No waiting until the end. You’ll take notes directly in the lecture player with a built-in notepad. You can jump back to specific notes AND that specific point in the lecture at any time. You can also review video transcripts and enable or disable closed captioning at any time.

Maybe you’re the ‘diligent, note-taking for the entire class’ type or perhaps you’re more the ‘20 minutes then I need a break’ type. Whatever your learning style, the new, interactive BARBRI lecture experience will ensure you are definitely the ‘Wow, that lecture sure helped me understand that subject’ type.

Experience the BARBRI bar prep difference

Myth #5

BARBRI doesn’t offer unlimited essay grading

The truth: While most BARBRI Bar Review options still DO offer unlimited grading, we stand by our guidance that unlimited essay grading alone is not the best way to write high scoring essays.

BARBRI gives you a distinct edge when it comes to essay writing. We call it Directed Essay Grading. First, we start with Essay Architect. The online essay writing tool that provides immediate feedback. Then, we assign essays to self-grade. Why would we do that? Because stats show us that this is one of the most effective ways to learn and achieve better bar exam scores.

When it comes to expert graded essays, all BARBRI Bar Review options include more than most students can complete in a course and most include unlimited graded essays. You’ll get expert feedback from different graders so you’re always getting a more rounded view and comprehensive feedback. Again, all leading to more points on the bar exam.

Check out this entire blog dedicated to bar exam essay strategy and unlimited essay grading.

Myth #6

BARBRI doesn't:

A: Provide enough multiple-choice questions
B: Have a multiple-choice question bank
C: Use real, released MBE questions
D: All of the above

Okay, so we thought it would be funny to open up a discussion about multiple-choice questions with a multiple-choice question. Enough fun and games, let’s just get down to the truth.

The truth:

A: We provide a litany of multiple-choice questions that simulate what you’ll face on exam day. Over 5,500 MBE questions, in fact.

B: Of course BARBRI has a question bank. It’s one that has been nurtured and grown over an industry-best five-plus decades of successful bar prep. One that is continuously adjusted and focused on areas of the law that you’re statistically most likely to encounter on exam day. And one that includes comprehensive answer explanations for each multiple-choice question you encounter. Nobody else can say that. Which is perhaps why they persist in mythmaking.

C: When it comes to released MBE questions, most BARBRI Bar Review options include hundreds of NCBE released questions. If you want to use released questions, you’re more than welcome. However, we’d like to provide one piece of advice: Proceed with caution before focusing too heavily on NCBE released MBE questions. It’s one way some bar preppers misuse precious, limited study time.

Here’s another truth: It’s not simply the quantity of multiple-choice questions that you work that matters. The specific questions you answer, and the order in which you answer them, greatly impacts learning and retention.

ISAAC incrementally builds your MBE skills and substantive knowledge. ISAAC uses proprietary methodology and algorithms to curate initial multiple-choice question sets that provide a strong understanding of the most frequently tested rules.

As you get deeper into your studies, ISAAC assigns more difficult questions as well as mixed-subject question sets. Once you have built a foundation, it layers in the more difficult questions testing finer points. ISAAC also uses spaced repetition and interleaves practice between subjects, two strategies that are scientifically shown to maximize learning and retention.

Myth #7

BARBRI induces irrational and unnecessary fear

Let’s talk about fear. Fear is walking into the most important exam of your life wondering if you could have or should have done just a little more. Or wondering if you focused on the right things. The unfortunate reality is that most unsuccessful bar takers fall just a few points short of passing. Just a couple more points would have put them over the passing line.

The truth: At BARBRI, we’re in the fear removal business. We believe at our core that every student can pass the bar exam. And our only focus is on you. Your specific needs, strengths and weaknesses. Our entire company is built upon and committed to getting you the most points possible on your bar exam for the time you invest. You will never have to question, "Is BARBRI worth it?".

As the best bar prep, BARBRI is worth it

Looks like you have a HIT on your hands

The truth: The bar prep journey is hard. We’re here to guide you through it all and give you trust: in our bar prep process and, most importantly, in yourself. The BARBRI Way keeps you anchored and confident that you’re always on the right path, even when self-doubt starts to creep in.

We’re 100% confident in our proven process. Now our job is to get you 100% confident in yourself.

We’re here for you every step of The BARBRI Way.

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