The Best Spring Break for YOU!

[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ]

Alas, we are about to embark on our final spring break trip as students. Though we have a few months left until we need to pack our bags, travel discounts are popping up left right and center, so now is the time to plan! With that said, how should you spend your final spring break trip?

Local Vacation

Just because we spent the summer working does not mean we are by any means rich. The end of law school also means the beginning of student loan payments and other ‘adult’ financial burdens. By this point, you may be feeling a bit strapped for cash, in which case, a costly international flight and resort is probably off the table, but don’t fret!

Consider a road trip to a nearby city with friends. Split the cost of gas and an Airbnb to make it even cheaper! Soak in some sights, hit the museums, and maybe splurge for concert tickets! According to where you’re located, some great road trip destinations (or cheap domestic flights) include: Texas, Tennessee, New Orleans, Las Vegas, D.C., Miami, and beyond!

Beach “Resort”

If you’ve been feeling a bit stressed about all things law school-related, consider taking a relaxing vacation to a beach-side town. If you want to keep it moderately inexpensive you could aim for someplace domestic, like Miami or San Diego.

If you’d like to say goodbye to the USA and hello to somewhere more tropical for a week, then I recommend you start looking now to ensure you score an awesome flight deal – often you can get roundtrip flights for under $400 to places like Mexico, Cuba, Chile, etc. Likewise, accommodations are usually inexpensive if you book as a group, or if you go the Airbnb route.

European Explorer

If you’re feeling the urge to soak in some culture, then why not book a destination trip to Europe? You can opt to spend the entire week in one location, or take advantage of the cheap domestic travel options (Ryan Air flights and/or trains) to hit a few different locations. When it comes to Europe you really have it all, from beaches to mountains and everything in between.

To save on flight costs, check out Student Universe for some crazy student deals! Europe may be comparatively expensive, but it doesn’t have to completely break the bank!

Service Trip

If you’re panicking about the pro bono requirement for graduation or the New York Bar, consider taking a service trip to pull in some extra hours during your time off. Options will, of course, vary based on your university, but it’s worth looking into!

Note, if you can’t find any service trips, you may still be able to participate in a remote project that will allow you to take a trip and complete your hours.