Binge worthy TV shows that are not about the law


[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ]

This post started out as a list of great books to binge instead of studying for exams, but then I remembered that we are all exhausted law students who probably need a break from all the reading. I am so glad to live in this golden age of television. Even after being house-bound for 41 straight days, I have neither run out of incredible things to read nor truly excellent television to watch.

I try not to watch legal shows during the semester, just so that I can remember that there is a life outside of the law. Here are some binge-worthy shows that have nothing (or almost nothing) to do with law school, or the bar, or courtrooms, or anything of the sort.

The Shows I watched in One Sitting

  1. Avenue 5 (Amazon) – This is a show that I didn’t know I needed until I watched all of it. Hugh Laurie plays the captain of a gigantic luxury spaceship owned by Josh Gad’s character, who seems to have a dangerously low IQ. If that isn’t enticing enough, about halfway through the first season, the ship becomes enveloped in a literal cloud of feces that are stuck in its gravitational pull.
  2. Bad Omens (Amazon) – Have we talked about how much I love David Tenant? Not yet? Oh, well, I love David Tenant. Just look at that face. He is the central figure in several of my favorite shows and plays a disturbingly un-disturbing villain in Marvel’s Jessica Jones. Anyway, this television version of the Neil Gaiman book is thrilling and hilarious and so, so smart.
  1. Barry (HBO) – Bill Hader as a contract killer turned actor. Let me just repeat that: Bill Hader as a contract killer turned actor.

British Shows that Outrank Almost All American Counterparts

  1. Miranda (Hulu) – This is perhaps the most underrated show ever made. It is probably the only show I’ve ever watched that has made me laugh out loud multiple times while I was watching it by myself. Perks: Tom Ellis is in it.
  2. Killing Eve (Hulu) – Female assassins, government conspiracies, Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and written and created by Phoebe Waller-Bridge. On top of that, it has one of the most unique soundtracks I have ever heard.

Honorable Mention: Dr. Who and Monty Python’s Flying Circus, because obviously.

Shows From the Great Age of Streaming Services

  1. Atlanta (Hulu) – If I had the time and energy to rank every TV show I have ever watched, oh wait. I do. This is one of the top five shows I have ever watched, and I don’t just say that because I have a huge crush on Donald Glover.
  2. The Whole Netflix Marvel Franchise, but mostly Daredevil (Netflix… obviously) – Daredevil technically is about two lawyers (Nelson and Murdoch, Attorneys at Law), but its mostly about a blind superhero who fights big boss crime lords in Hell’s Kitchen.
  3. The Mandalorian (Disney +) – I haven’t actually watched The Mandalorian, because I am a little burned out on Star Wars honestly, but I hear it is absolutely fantastic.

NBC-esque Comedies

  1. Brooklyn 99 (Hulu) – Ok so this one is about the law in that it all takes place in a police precinct, but let’s be really honest. It is actually about Terry Crews’ affinity for yogurt and about elaborate heists that can apparently happen in the precinct because no one is ever working?
  2. 30 Rock (Hulu) – We are all Liz Lemon.
  3. The Good Place (Netflix or Hulu) – I cried like a baby when The Good Place ended. It was so smart and so funny, and Ted Danson is the 6,000-foot tall fire squid demon that I have always wanted.

Honorable Mentions: New Girl (Netflix) and Jane the Virgin (Netflix): I hated New Girl when it first came out. Jess, the main character, seemed like a hot and whiny mess. Then I entered the era of my late twenties and found a whole new appreciation for a good leather couch to cry on. Jane the Virgin is very polarizing, I know, but I really love its self-aware absurdity, its telenovela love triangles, and its strong, if often confused, female leads. I also love shows that manage to be bilingual without isolating watchers, which I think this show does particularly well.

I hope you are all hanging in during these last few weird weeks before exams. Let me know what your favorite binge shows are on Instagram and Twitter @the1lLife (unless its Tiger King, and then please just don’t).

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