Can I prepare for the SQE1 in 10 weeks?

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With the inaugural Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE) taking place in November, you might think finding enough time to study and pass the SQE1 in the remainder of 2021 is unrealistic. However, for those who wish to qualify as soon as possible, BARBRI’s 10-week SQE1 Prep course could provide the ideal solution. But is 10 weeks enough time to prepare for this super-exam? In this blog, we explain what support we have in place to help you succeed.

Keep the momentum going


Starting this August, BARBRI’s 10-week SQE1 Prep course is best suited to those who have recently graduated from law school and are in a position to commit to full-time study. Those who meet these criteria will already be in a good routine of studying and learning from law school. So, if this is you, don’t underestimate yourself. You will need to maintain your focus and dedicate up to 40 hours a week to your studies. But your strong grounding in the law will undoubtedly make this more than achievable.

What’s more, to help you keep motivated and provide ongoing encouragement throughout this intense preparation, you’ll be matched with one of BARBRI’s experienced 1-2-1 Learning Coaches. This additional coaching and support is highly valued by many of our students and helps them stay on track.

Make it personal

Having a plan and putting a learning structure in place that suits your schedule is as important as the course material itself. That’s why we work with all of our students to help them achieve this through our Personal Study Plan (PSP). Powered by our unique ISAAC software, as you progress through the SQE Prep course, ISAAC (Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach) analyses your learning style and progress. It then tweaks course materials to provide you with the most helpful content for your particular needs. Your PSP includes a combination of video lectures, workbooks and practice questions, helping you build knowledge over time while being tailored to your personal studying preferences. Getting personal will give you the best chance of success.

Of course, studying can sometimes feel like a lonely pastime. So, interaction with others is also a key feature of studying with BARBRI. Sharing experiences, expertise and support is welcomed, with students encouraged to build relationships through workshops, study networks and other peer community activities.

In safe hands


Despite the SQE itself being new as a route to qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales, the way it assesses candidates through multiple choice and mixed subject testing isn’t. Providers like BARBRI have been successfully preparing students for the US bar exam for many years and are experienced in preparing students for these types of exams.

In addition, you will experience the same high standards of teaching and learning as you did at law school when you enrol on a BARBRI SQE1 Prep course. The faculty is made up of experienced solicitors and barristers who help with substantive law questions for each of the SQE subjects. They are also the lecturers who break down topics for each subject through bite-sized, pre-recorded online blocks of no more than 20 minutes. These lectures are interspersed with activities and questions to help with memory retention and spaced repetition.

The lectures are supplemented by the concise and exam-focused, bespoke-written books and overviews, as well as the 2,000+ mixed-subject multiple-choice questions that will help build your confidence for the SQE1 exam.

All the elements of the course are organised and fed to you through a manageable weekly schedule of full-time study through the PSP. Following this plan will play an essential role in your preparation and exam success.

Your success is our reputation

Our 10-week SQE Prep course has been honed using years of experience in hybrid learning for similar assessments across the globe and through our network of prestigious international partners and highly experienced UK faculty.

Having given careful thought and consideration to your unique situation, if you can commit to the intense 10-week SQE1 Prep course, BARBRI is well placed to support you every step of the way in achieving your qualification. After all, your success is our reputation.

If you would like to sign up for the 10-week SQE1 Prep course, we are currently taking enrolments onto the course preparing you for the November 2021 exam. Please visit this page for more information about the course and how to enrol.

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