U.S. law school tips

How to tackle different law school exam types

October 1, 2022

Law school exams will vastly differ between subjects and professors, but the way you prepare is key. Here is an explanation of the different types and some tips to help you prepare. Closed book with open code book Essay 3-4 hours For this type of exam, you should still create an outline and be sure […]

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1L schedule tips to manage the heavy workload

September 30, 2022

When you think of law school, what comes to mind? Is it time management? If it’s not, let’s put it on your list. As a 1L, you’ll need to become adept at managing your time as you juggle classes, study and reading activities, extracurriculars, possibly a job and even downtime. The best way to manage […]

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How do you outline in law school?

September 22, 2022

Outlining simply is synthesizing and meshing course material so you can access details quickly and digest concepts broadly. This process helps you master complex course material by organizing it into something meaningful and understandable for you … and, ultimately, to study for final exams. A law school outline should consist of things like: the rules […]

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Understanding your graduation requirements as early as 2L year

August 21, 2022

Are you familiar with your law school’s graduation requirements? It may seem rather early to be thinking about graduation after all you’ve just completed in 1L year. But knowing these details will help you stay on track and accomplish any big goals you’ve set for your time in law school. Take the opportunity now to […]

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Five money-saving tips to curb common law school expenses

August 19, 2022

There’s no question. Law school is expensive. Here are some ways to boost your spending habits and combat a few of the typical law school expenses. 1) Search for student discounts and coupons Check your local community, school newspaper and online resources for student discounts. Many schools and businesses offer savings to students on everything […]

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How to thrive during 1L year and beyond

August 8, 2022

Whether you’re feeling anxious or excited as you start your 1L year, BARBRI has your back. We’ve gathered some tips from law school students on how to thrive during your 1L year and throughout law school. Let’s dive in. Time management Though you may think that you have perfected your time management skills, law school […]

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Asking for help and who to turn to when you need it

August 2, 2022

In law school, there are many things that are new, different and challenging. From understanding the legal terminology to learning how to build an outline to persevering through the perpetual job hunt, the list can go on and on. It’s important to recognize the difference between when you should try to power through on your […]

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The many advantages of getting to know your professors better

July 30, 2022

This may sound a bit crazy initially, but it’s actually a good idea to make an effort to know your law school professors in and out of the classroom. Your professors can be some of your best mentors, resources and champions. They will be important to your law school success and the opportunities to learn from them […]

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How to brief a case in U.S. law school

July 29, 2022

Learning how to brief a case is a necessary part of studying U.S. law. You will undoubtedly hear the term regularly during your time in law school. Quite simply, it is a set of notes you take on each assigned case to ensure you are paying attention to what’s important. Your case brief is a […]

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How the 2L experience differs from 1L

July 5, 2022

Makenzie Way, University of Pennsylvania Law School  1L year was tough, and to be honest, 2L year is also tough but in different ways. Whether 1L year threw you a curve ball or went exactly how you expected, you can still go into 2L year with a bit more confidence and use what you learned […]

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