Five great things about studying for the bar exam

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Does this headline strike you as far-fetched? After all, everyone knows that studying for the Bar Exam is a difficult experience. It’s a fact that’s tried and true, in the way the Pope is Catholic and the sky is blue. But don’t let that get you down. Yes, even though studying for the bar is a tough nut to crack, the process (and the end results) are rewarding. Below are some silver linings to keep in mind:

  1. Studying for the Bar Exam is a bonding experience with your fellow classmates
    Only your classmates will truly understand what you are going through. Yes, your family can offer support, and your friends can pepper you with pep talk, but at the end of the day, nothing compares to the empathy you get when you and your fellow J.D. students “talk the talk” of MBEs. (And the same goes to you LL.M. students!) I know it’s tempting to say that you’re doing little more than suffering together, but believe me – you’re also bonding over a unique shared experience. (Aww …)
  1. BARBRI gives you another point of connection with practicing attorneys
    It’s strange but true – attorneys like to talk about their time on the bar prep battlefield. They’ll reminisce about cracking open their huge box of BARBRI books and nerd out about how Erwin Chemerisnky schooled them on Con Law. BARBRI is a great icebreaker whenever I talk to other attorneys. Almost everyone has a unique story to share!
  1. You’ve got the I’m Studying for the Bar Card (hereinafter “ISBC”) in your back pocket
    Don’t want to go to Aunt Sally’s birthday? Never fear: you’ve got the ISBC and simply can’t sacrifice the study time. Not jazzed about helping your friend move a futon over the weekend? ISBC! Don’t feel like cat-sitting Brownie? ISBC! It’s the perfect excuse to help put your time to good use.
  1. Taking a break will feel better than it ever has
    Whatever your outlet – whether it’s going for a run, taking a dance class, grabbing happy hour with friends – it will feel better than it ever has. Bar prep is so intense that once you take the time to give yourself a much-deserved break, the joy you experience will multiply.
  1. You’re about to become a lawyer
    The Bar Exam is different from any other kind of test you’ve prepped for. All other exams have been a stepping-stone. The SAT got you into college. The LSAT got you into law school. But this – this is IT. This is the marathon to the finish line. Come hell or high water, ice or fire, passing this test earns that title, “ESQUIRE.” Yes, it is a journey, but remember –  BARBRI is there for you every step of the way to help you #OWNTHEBAR!
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