BARBRI Mini Review and those frequently tested MBE topics

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Let’s talk about the BARBRI Mini Review. First, you may not know much about this course, but we promise that it’s worth learning about. It has increased confidence and understanding of the topics that students need to have a firm grasp on when walking into the bar exam.

What is the BARBRI Mini Review?

The BARBRI Mini Review is like your last line of defense from BARBRI. This is the cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started, it’s the hype music before the game starts, it’s that one final push to give you what you need to succeed on the bar exam. The BARBRI Mini Review is a mini-review course of your Multistate topics: Torts, Civil Procedure, Real Property, Contracts, Criminal Law/Procedure, Evidence, and Constitutional Law.

What does that mean? Isn’t that what the Conviser Mini Review is for? The Conviser Mini Review is excellent for times when you’re in the weeds and learning nuances. The BARBRI Mini Review includes short video lectures for each of the Multistate topics.

Essentially, it’s an online-only lecture that covers the significant aspects of the topics most frequently tested on the Multistate portion of the bar exam. You can either watch the totality of the eight-hour course in one day or split it up. Each topic has its own lecture for each of the seven multistate subjects.

Why do you need the BARBRI Mini Review? 

Think of this as the last highlight of the Multistate topics that you’re going to need. You’ve been in the weeds learning so many different things. But let’s say that you’re still not 100% on a certain topic or not feeling incredibly confident on various portions of the exam (seriously, who is at 100%?)—the BARBRI Mini Review is going to give you an overview of exactly what you need to know for these topics.

Even if you are feeling great and feeling as if you’re going to rock the bar exam (go you!), this is going to be the reassurance that you need. You know these topics. You know what they’re going to test on. Now, with the BARBRI Mini Review, you’ll have a last-minute refresher of the topics that are going to be covered with their corresponding rule statements. Seeing the rule statements and seeing how they’re used in examples provided by the course has been instrumental with students. The best part is that the lectures and slides are incredibly easy to understand and straightforward.

Should you get it?

Yes? Absolutely. These are short and sweet video lectures to give you that one final push over the finish line. We know that your Personalized Study Plans are going to be guiding you up until the bar exam. With this extra little bit of help, this one last broad overview of what you need to know, is going to give you just a bit more confidence walking into the bar exam. We’re 100% confident in our proven process. Our job is to get you 100% confident in yourself.

Learn more about the BARBRI Mini Review here. 

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