Easy self-care ideas, from under 60 seconds to an hour or more

November 19, 2019

[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ] Law school is busy, but that doesn’t mean you have to completely let yourself go. Self-care can take any form, it can take a few seconds or it can take a few days. As the driver of this thing called life, you get to decide […]

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Attention 1Ls (and 2Ls, too): Outlining season has arrived

November 19, 2019

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ] Yes, it’s time to outline. As 2Ls, we likely have our system set and we know what we need … but I remember last year, as a 1L, feeling lost. There were some things that I just did not understand how to do effectively my […]

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Quick and easy mealtime ideas for time-strapped law students

November 12, 2019

[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ] It’s a known fact that law students are strapped for time. Our schedules are usually filled with school responsibilities, and when they’re not we’re normally too exhausted to take advantage of the break. With limited time and energy to devote to non-school related activities, law […]

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How do you outline in U.S. law school?

October 30, 2019

[ Juliana Del Pesco, BARBRI International Legal Manager, Americas ] Outlining simply is synthesizing and meshing course material so you can access details quickly and digest concepts broadly. This process helps you master complex course material by organizing it into something meaningful and understandable for you … and, ultimately, to study for final exams. A […]

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Note-taking strategies

October 29, 2019

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] Got note-taking Strategies? There are as many note-taking strategies as there are note-takers. Everyone works a little bit differently and needs a slightly different thing. What you need will likely change from semester to semester, and maybe even from course to course. I have tried probably almost […]

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Why it’s so hard to finish the open memo assignment

October 22, 2019

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] Welcome to the throes of open memo season. Everyone has a ghostly absence behind their eyes. The doctrinal professors are refining their comedy routines in an attempt to cheer up all of us. As the process of writing the memo assignment has gone on, I’ve been surprised […]

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How to deal and cope with illness during law school

October 11, 2019

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] It would be nice if all of the difficult parts of life paused for the three years of law school, but obviously, that is not how it works. During my first semester of law school, I developed worsening neurological symptoms, extreme fatigue, and debilitating brain fog. I […]

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Fear, fatigue and failure: How to beat procrastination

October 7, 2019

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] Raise your hand if procrastination has a hold of you. You may be reading this right now because you are procrastinating. Honestly, this is being written at the particular moment that I am also procrasti-working. Doing a less-urgent task makes me feel more confident in it and […]

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Overcoming the myth of “Law Student Imposter Syndrome”

September 23, 2019

Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law In the last two weeks I have had probably two dozen conversations with 1Ls at various schools, each of which started with something like this: “I thought I understood (International Shoe, consideration, the noscitur a sociis canon, etc.) but then I got to class and now I am so confused. […]

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How I use BARBRI 1L Mastery to survive the day-to-day

September 16, 2019

Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law Whether you’re about to begin your 1L year or in the thick of it and wondering how you’re going to make it, rest assured, you can do this. If you’re feeling weighed down by how little you understand about the law, don’t worry. I get it. That’s one of […]

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