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The secret to MBE success: Does “X” really mark the spot?

September 30, 2021

Samuel Farkas, BARBRI Vice President Instruction How many MBE practice questions should I work to pass the bar exam? Perhaps you’ve heard that you need to work “X” number of MBE practice questions each week to pass the exam. Or, maybe you’ve heard there is some magic number of total MBE questions that you have to […]

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How to make the bar prep experience fit you perfectly

March 8, 2021

By Makenzie Way, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School How is it possible that we’re already this far into bar prep?! Someone needs to tell the world to slow down because I feel like I’m just now getting the hang of this whole ‘studying for the bar’ thing.  Everyone told me bar prep was a […]

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What’s next after failing the bar exam?

January 6, 2021

As you move forward after failing the bar exam, first thing’s first. Take a deep breath and allow yourself to process. You are not alone. And like those before you, your resilience will help you come back better and stronger.  Here are a few tips to help refocus and ensure the next time you take the bar […]

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What can I do differently when retaking the bar exam?

December 16, 2020

Mike Sims, BARBRI President When students receive the incredibly disappointing news that they were unsuccessful, many ask what they can do differently when retaking the bar exam. My advice is to first, take a moment. Let yourself process and reset. The bar exam is very hard. Do not allow yourself to be mentally pulled into a place […]

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2020 bar exam study strategies webinar: Key takeaways

June 11, 2020

[ Makenzie Way, 2020 Law Graduate at the University of Pennsylvania ] In my effort to start preparing for the bar exam, I decided to watch the BARBRI Study Strategies Webinar (Summer 2020 Bar Exam: Short, Long & Longer-term Study Strategies). I highly recommend it, especially with so many states changing when they’ll administer the […]

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BARBRI success story: I passed the Ohio Bar Exam

November 1, 2019

By Sara Valentine, Capital University Law School Graduate Hey, BARBRI! I passed the Ohio Bar Exam! I am so thankful to my mom, my friends, and my support group for getting me to this point. I would especially like to thank Capital University Law School for providing me with a stellar education that allowed me […]

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Tax attorney success story: Passing with BARBRI (twice!)

September 12, 2019

By Alexandra Zaunbrecher, Esq. Mergers and Acquisitions Tax Group | KPMG US I chose to sit the Louisiana State Bar Exam right out of law school. Being a Louisiana native and having attended Louisiana State University for my undergraduate and law degree, I thought I would most likely practice within my home state. I also […]

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It’s bar exam time – let’s do this

July 25, 2019

GUEST BLOG by Sara Valentine, Graduate of Capital University Law School Bar Exam is Next Week… This post is all about your ability to crush the bar exam. Regardless of whether you haven’t been doing your best leading up to this point, you’ve been learning and putting in the time. You know that you have […]

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Nine tips to keep your “Lizard Brain” at bay

March 19, 2019

When law school graduation arrives, it’s time to relax … right? Not so fast. Not when the bar exam is on the not-so-distant horizon. One last hurdle to becoming a licensed lawyer, your ultimate personal and professional goal. WE’RE ONLY HUMAN … WITH A “LIZARD BRAIN” There’s so much pressure surrounding the bar exam. Passing […]

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Doing “extra” to improve your odds of bar exam success

February 20, 2019

By Stefan Borst-Censullo, Esq. To begin off I want to apologize to you, the good reader, for my contribution to this over stuffed cannon of “hey so you’re about to take the bar, here’s some tips.” However, you have obviously decided to read this post, so you are either very bored or beyond desperate. In […]

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