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Why I’m so thankful I started BARBRI bar prep early

May 23, 2019

GUEST BLOG by Sara Valentine, Graduate of Capital University Law School Hey, everyone! This is Sara Valentine, your new BARBRI social blogger. A little about me: I’m a recent graduate of Capital University Law School, where I graduated cum laude with Pro Bono Legal Honors (pro bono work is great!). As a student at Capital Law, […]

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Bar exam study tip: Watch one, do one, teach one

May 3, 2019

by Mike Sims, BARBRI President TAKE ANOTHER LOOK AT THE HEADLINE. Now repeat that mantra: “Watch one, do one, teach one” and then go find a study partner to use it on during your bar exam prep. If you’re by yourself, on a computer or tablet or smartphone, sitting at the local coffee shop or […]

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Bar exam study tips: Leave the heavy lifting to us

May 1, 2019

by Stephanie Goetz, BARBRI Director of Publishing and Online Course Creation TRUST THE PROCESS. IT WORKS. Throughout the year, the BARBRI learning and innovation team that I’m a part of adapts and enhances the BARBRI bar review course. We track the trends of what’s been tested and the frequency. We pay close attention to the […]

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Bar exam study tips: Question the question

April 30, 2019

Hint: Start at the end, then you’ll know how to start. When it comes to the MBE, MPT, and essays on the bar exam, you want to answer the question that is actually being asked. Many law students forget this and jump right in without identifying and fully understanding the call of the question. The […]

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Bar exam study tips: MPT, the low hanging fruit

April 24, 2019

by Steve Levin, BARBRI Vice President of International Development and Legal Writing It’s where you can pick up valuable points The Multistate Performance Test (MPT) is included in most state bar exams and carries a good percentage of your overall points. For example, if you’re sitting for the bar in a UBE state, the MPT is […]

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Bar exam study tips: Don’t select obscure answer choices

April 23, 2019

By Roger Meslar, BARBRI Vice President of Assessment Trust what you know, don’t overthink it By now, you’re getting a very real understanding of the very large challenges presented by the MBE.  One big final exam covering all of your first year and more. You have only 6 hours to answer 200 questions, each of […]

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Work during bar prep? Advice from a two-time bar passer

November 13, 2018

GUEST BLOG by Brian C. Pike, Esq. Passed the 2015 New York Bar Exam Passed the 2017 Michigan Bar Exam Sitting for the 2020 Tennessee Bar Exam Attorney at Baker Donelson Do I work during the Bar Exam?  Should I work while I study? What a dreaded question.  If you have ever asked a practicing attorney this […]

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Planning for the bar exam in 2L year … and why

October 10, 2018

GUEST BLOG Makenzie Way, 2L at the University of Pennsylvania Law School As a 2L students, the bar exam should probably be on your mind. You should pay attention to not only your school course requirements but also to your state bar examination requirements (here’s a handy bar exam checklist from BARBRI you can follow). […]

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The bar exam curve: It’s real

September 19, 2018

The bar exam curve is very real. In fact, MBE score results consistently fall into a bell curve pattern every single bar exam administration. Still, there will be detractors of the bar exam curve. The bottom line is that BARBRI has studied the MBE since it debuted in 1972. The best bar exam passing strategy […]

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Law school graduates “fairly certain” they’ll fail the bar exam

August 16, 2018

Mike Sims, BARBRI President An Answer to the Recent “Above The Law” Article A headline on Above the Law said, “Law School Graduates ‘Fairly Certain’ They’ll Fail the Bar Exam.” If you’re feeling that way, let me assure you that, based upon my 26 years of working with bar preppers, your feelings are normal. The first […]

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