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From 2L to Rising 3L: Setting up final year success

March 30, 2021

The end of 2L year is right around the corner. True to form, it’s been B-U-S-Y. You’ve worked your tail off. You’re more than ready to call yourself a 3L student. But it’s important to finish strong on upcoming 2L final exams, and then you can look ahead. Here are some things to do before […]

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3L job hunt SOS: What to do if you don’t have an offer … yet

March 26, 2021

By Makenzie Way, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Hear that? It’s the constant chatter around summer jobs and hopeful offers. You’re happy for your 3L friends and peers who’ve landed something, but deep down you’re starting to freak out because you don’t have an offer … yet. What do you do? How are you […]

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Internship takeaways from 1L summer

March 8, 2021

Makenzie Way, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School Every freshly minted 2L waltzes back on campus with a summer’s worth of work experience and a handful of stories to tell. So, let me share mine! I had the privilege of working at Greater Boston Legal Services (GBLS) as an Equal Justice America Fellow in the […]

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Seven insights about the judicial internship application process

December 8, 2020

By Kathryn Pope, University of Florida Levin College of Law A judicial internship offers law students an opportunity to work in a judge’s chambers, performing duties such as researching various laws and writing legal memoranda. Judicial internships are one of the most coveted summer positions because they allow students the opportunity to strengthen legal research […]

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Better or worse? Ten ways 2L year differs from 1L year

October 25, 2020

By Makenzie Way, University of Pennsylvania Law School  Nothing can get worse than 1L year … right? I’m not so sure. While 2L year certainly has its benefits – I’m apt to say it is marginally better – I also feel more pressed for time, which I didn’t think was physically possible. Maybe it’s not […]

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Four stages you’ll go through while waiting on a job offer

September 2, 2020

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 3L at the University of Arizona ] We have all had a wild ride since COVID-19 impacted the world and, of course, the legal field, law schools and law students.  I’m now back to school online. Likely for the whole semester. My school has opted to provide four different modes of learning […]

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The best decisions I made during 2L year

May 11, 2020

By Stephanie Baldwin, University of Arizona  What a ride this second year of law school has been. The saying is, “1L they work you to death” (true),  “2L they work you to death” (also true.) Now a lot of my “working to death” was all of my own doing. I took 18 credits, both semesters. […]

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My top five remote summer internship home survival tools

May 6, 2020

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] Well folks, I hope the end of the semester is treating you well. I finally limped through the last of my exams and now have a few days to recoup after the heavy emotional toll that limping to the end took. As we all continue to adjust […]

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Looking back on my law school highlights over three years

April 28, 2020

[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ] Today, I attended my last law school class, and it finally hit me: after next week, I will no longer be a law student. The realization is bittersweet: I’m ready to be finished with law school, I’m ready to start the next chapter of my […]

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It’s clinic time

November 3, 2019

 [ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ] Can you believe it my fellow 2L’s, we are starting to pick our classes for the second semester of our 2L year!?! Once we start those classes, we will we halfway through our law school journey. Some of you might be even closer to crossing […]

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