Law School Outlining

Reflecting back on law school: both the good and the bad

May 6, 2020

[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ] My time as the BARBRI Life of a 3L blogger has come to an end, as has my time as a law student – but don’t worry, you can continue to follow my adventures as the BARBRI bar prep blogger. As I prepare to virtually […]

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New Year’s resolutions for the new semester

January 20, 2020

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ] Since we have entered a new year and semester, I thought it was appropriate to make some new semester resolutions. Like typical new years resolutions, these are things I know I should do, but haven’t been doing consistently, or at all. The new year is […]

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Attention 1Ls (and 2Ls, too): Outlining season has arrived

November 19, 2019

[ Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona ] While everyone else is excited for Starbucks Red Cups… it is a signal that law school finals are coming… this means one thing… it’s time to outline. As 2Ls, we likely have our system set, and we know what we need… but I remember last […]

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Law school note-taking part II

November 3, 2019

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] This week we are following that up with a rundown of my absolute favorite ever all-purpose app – Notion. Here’s how I have it set up: I start with a school dashboard that has my to-do list for the week along with a sub-page for each class […]

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How do you outline in U.S. law school?

October 30, 2019

[ Juliana Del Pesco, BARBRI International Legal Manager, Americas ] Outlining simply is synthesizing and meshing course material so you can access details quickly and digest concepts broadly. This process helps you master complex course material by organizing it into something meaningful and understandable for you … and, ultimately, to study for final exams. A […]

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Note-taking strategies

October 29, 2019

[ Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law ] Got note-taking Strategies? There are as many note-taking strategies as there are note-takers. Everyone works a little bit differently and needs a slightly different thing. What you need will likely change from semester to semester, and maybe even from course to course. I have tried probably almost […]

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Advocating the use of study tools – 2L/3L Mastery and more

September 24, 2019

Stephanie Baldwin, 2L at the University of Arizona Last year, I wrote about the different type of supplements that are available to law students. This year I want to talk about how you can use them effectively. Last week the 1LLife wrote a great article about one of the supplements I have previously talked about, […]

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How I use BARBRI 1L Mastery to survive the day-to-day

September 16, 2019

Mara Masters, 1L at Emory Law Hi! My name is Mara and now that Stephanie has graduated to the 2L life, I am taking over here at the 1L Life. If you’re reading this, that probably means you are either my mom (Hi mom!) or that you have made it through the first few weeks […]

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3L success story: BARBRI 1L Mastery continues to carry over

September 16, 2019

by Aaron Feld University of Illinois College of Law | Class of 2020 I’m now in my 3L year of law school and I’m totally ready. I just completed a summer of working in a Chicago-based law firm and plan to go full-time with the firm once I graduate from the University of Illinois College […]

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Approaching the 1L finish line

April 29, 2019

GUEST BLOG Stephanie Baldwin, 1L at the University of Arizona Yesterday I attended my last day of scheduled classes. My 1L year is over… well, almost… actually not even close. There is still so much to do. I still have 5 finals, and the law review write on to complete. I am sure you are […]

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