Law School Study Tips

What else can you do to prepare for law school final exams

April 2, 2022

You have your outlines complete and you’re ready to start studying for law school final exams. You’re trying to memorize the rules of law and apply them, but what else should you be doing? Here are a few extra finals prep tips: Schedule and track your study hours Hold yourself accountable by scheduling your study […]

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What to remember for your law school graduation checklist

March 16, 2022

For all of the planners out there, checklists can be extremely helpful in your last year of law school. So, we created a checklist to help you navigate some of your possible graduation requirements and necessities. Graduation eligibility Complete a degree audit to confirm your eligibility to graduate and inform yourself of any outstanding requirements […]

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How to use spring break to make the rest of the way easier

February 18, 2022

Spring break is generally thought of as being a much-needed break from the hectic law school schedule. It’s a time to relax, maybe take a vacation, and enjoy not having class. While we do believe you should use your spring break to de-stress, we encourage you not to check out completely. If you aren’t planning […]

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Should I transfer to another law school?

February 7, 2022

Whether you went into law school with plans to transfer after 1L year or decided to entertain the possibility after receiving stellar first semester grades, there are some things to consider before you make this huge leap. Transferring can completely change your law school experience as well as your future career path, so we’ve got […]

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Why enroll in BARBRI Bar Review during 2L year (or even earlier)

February 3, 2022

“Why would I enroll in a bar review course months, or years, before I plan on actually studying for the bar exam?” This is an individual decision, but there are plenty of very good reasons you might consider enrolling as a 2L student (or even in first year). While you’ll utilize the majority of your […]

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Next steps after receiving less than stellar 1L grades

January 5, 2022

With your first semester grades in hand, you may be feeling anywhere from on top of the world to on the verge of tears. The hard work you put in combined with the agonizing wait to receive your grades only to be met with disappointment doesn’t feel good. If you were excited about your grades […]

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Three easy steps for creating a “shell outline” in your 1L year

October 29, 2021

As a 1L student, one of the first things you’ll often hear about is outlining. There are many tactics and carving out the time to create your outlines can vary greatly. Whether you’re the type of student who prefers to outline each week or would rather dedicate a chunk of time closer to midterms or […]

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Eight smart hacks for your Civil Procedure outline

August 2, 2021

Hack #1: Talk to your professor This will be your greatest asset throughout the semester, especially when preparing your Civil Procedure outline and other course outlines for final exams. With each class, you are learning how to take your professor’s specific exam. While there is a level of uniformity among law schools across the country, […]

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The many advantages of getting to know your professors better

July 28, 2021

This may sound a bit crazy to you at first, yet it’s actually a good idea: Make an effort to know your law school professors outside of class time. You may be thinking, “Really? I just got raked across the coals for half of today’s discussion, over a footnote in Hadley v. Baxendale, and you […]

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Reviewing your law school exams and learning from them

May 24, 2021

By Stephanie Baldwin, University of Arizona Congratulations on surviving another semester of law school. No matter how you did, reviewing your exam is a great idea. It is especially important to review your exam if you did not perform well or get the grade you thought you were going to. This is especially critical for […]

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