ABA data proves it: When more students take BARBRI, more students pass the bar exam

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In a recent study, BARBRI’s data scientists evaluated pass rates reported by every ABA accredited law school, in every jurisdiction for the past three years*. We then compared the results of students at those schools who studied for their first exam with BARBRI Bar Review with those who studied with another course or some other method.

The results were clear

When more students at a law school study with BARBRI Bar Review, the overall school pass rate on the bar exam is higher – regardless of the amount of work each student completed.

The diagram below shows that for every 10% of students who enrolled in BARBRI Bar Review over the last three years, the overall school pass rate increased by 2%.

BARBRI Enrollement

The converse was true as well. For every 10% increase in the number of first-time bar exam takers who did not choose to study with BARBRI Bar Review, overall school pass rate decreased by 2%.

Non-BARBRI Enrollement

What does that mean for you?

In the 50+ years BARBR has helped students prepare for every U.S. state bar exam, thousands have asked, “does it really matter which course I choose?”  Now data collected by the American Bar Association answers this question with a resounding, “Yes, BARBRI works better.”

The reality is that about 9 out of 10 BARBRI students who do the average amount of work in our course pass the bar. That’s impressive … but we don’t care about that, and neither should you. The reality is that bar prep company pass rates have absolutely nothing to do with how you will do on your bar exam.

Studies have shown that, for a similar amount of work, students who study with BARBRI score more points on the bar exam. With BARBRI, you’ll study smarter, better utilize your valuable (and limited) study time and have a greater scoring cushion for more confidence on exam day.

Learn more about how BARBRI will help you pass the bar, the first time. Because passing the bar is everything.

*Source: ABA 509 reports filed by every ABA-accredited law school each year.

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