Select from a 6- or 10-month course duration to study part-time for the New York / UBE, California or Texas Bar Exam. Get more time to study plus a 1:1 personal mentor, your individual coach throughout your bar exam studies.

Extended 6 or 10 Month U.S. Bar Preparation


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Passing a U.S. state bar exam and becoming an American attorney adds prestige and valuable credentials to your resume. Even more, it gives you the capability and expertise to work with international clients, deal with cross-border transactions, and understand the differences between U.S. and international law, among other things.

Whether you’re an LL.M. student at U.S. law school, a qualified lawyer in a jurisdiction outside of the U.S considering sitting a U.S. state bar exam or just need more time to study due to other commitments, the Extended U.S. Bar Preparation course offers the support and flexibility you need. Select either a 6-month or a 10-month course duration based on the amount of time you have to dedicate to your bar studies each week.

Extended U.S. Bar Preparation courses for the New York / UBE and California are offered over a 6 or 10-month period leading into the February and July exams scheduled each year. The Extended U.S. Bar Preparation course for Texas is offered over a 10-month period leading into the July exam each year.

Over 1.3 million students worldwide have succeeded with BARBRI Bar Review. We teach you exactly what it takes to pass the bar on the first try. Over 50 years of bar exam-specific experience means you won’t be left wondering if you’re ready.


All BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Preparation course students are assigned an individual, personal mentor. Your U.S. qualified attorney mentor is your personal coach throughout your bar exam preparation. He or she will schedule personal, bi-weekly check-ins or meetings to see how you are progressing with your studies as well as conduct livestream workshops, provide tips, and help you with any problem areas including customizing your course if necessary.

BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Preparation students also receive guidance through the Foreign Evaluation of Credentials and bar exam application process as needed.


BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Preparation focuses on exam techniques that international students find difficult to master and on the topics that are most frequently examined to enhance your prospects of achieving bar examination success. Find out more below.



With the home study program, candidates may choose between a 10-month course option and a 6-month course option depending on the time you have to devote to bar studies.

The 6-month program runs from February through July with the bar examination in July or from September to February with the bar examination in February.

The 10 month program runs from September through to July with the bar examination in July or from April to February with the bar exam in February.

Course work is assigned through the BARBRI Personal Study Plan throughout the course.



The easy-to-use online Personal Study Plan is your weekly to-do list during the BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep course. It continually monitors your progress and automatically recommends assignments aligned to your unique areas of need.

Video lectures, outlines, practice questions and workshops build over time to create a highly effective structure of bar preparation. Frequent progress assessments help you to study smarter, not harder.

Your Personal Study Plan analyzes more than 1,000 points of data collected from your assignments, grades, practice exams and practice essays. This helps you hone and improve on areas of law that need the most attention. You spend your study time where it will yield the best results.

Essay Architect - EXCLUSIVE


The online Essay Architect tool provides immediate feedback for higher scoring essays. It enhances your ability to write the lawyer-like answers that the bar examiners are looking for on the bar exam.

Essay Architect takes you through a series of steps so you learn to critically read bar exam questions, enhance the speed of your essay writing and construct strong, winning answers. Using drag-and-drop features, you build your practice essay following the standard IRAC format. Immediate feedback reinforces organization and structure.

Then you can submit your practice essays to BARBRI for grading by a trained essay writing expert. You receive personalized feedback on the style of your writing and the substantive pros-and-cons of your answer.



BARBRI Extended U.S. Bar Prep students will sit a simulated essay day exam and a full two-day mock exam prior to sitting the real exam. By far, this will be your best predictor of bar exam success.

Our realistic 200-question Simulated MBE compares your test results with other students. Our two, three-hour testing sessions cover the seven MBE subjects (Civil Procedure, Criminal Law and Procedure, Contracts, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Real Property, Torts), providing a realistic preview of the mental and physical challenges you can expect during this portion of the bar exam.

And only BARBRI has studied every single MBE since it debuted in 1972. In fact, the MBE portion of the bar exam has changed many times in recent years and so have our practice test questions. We’ve reviewed, edited and revised them to accurately reflect the most current MBE format.

LawMaster Study Keys


One of the most common questions we hear from students during their bar studies is ”when do I start to memorize the law?” The problem with this question and this strategy is that memorization isn’t the same as learning and application. That is where the BARBRI LawMaster Study Keys come in. The first key is to have, at the highest level, a manageable and memorable framework to learn the law and understand where the rules fit into that framework.

The next key to actually learning the law is to be able to bring together Rules, the Elements that comprise the rule AND a Story to actually apply the Rules and Elements to real world scenarios.

The LawMaster Study Keys are exclusive to BARBRI, a product of having helped 1.3M students pass the bar over 50 years and a true reinvention to help you really learn the law and Own The Bar.

Best U.S. Law Professors


BARBRI has the finest faculty in bar preparation, consisting of renowned American law school professors who teach you the substantive law for each multistate and state subject while highlighting commonly-tested issues and how to handle them. The lectures are wholly examination-driven. They are carefully crafted to convey what you need to know in each subject.

These lectures are recorded live in the U.S. and are available to each candidate online throughout the program.


Get study, outlining and law school exam tips as well as information about U.S. bar exam eligibility and requirements.

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

Let’s not beat around the bush: studying for the bar is genuine torture; however, BARBRI was a godsend. While everyone knows the BARBRI materials are the gold-standard, I personally loved BARBRI because of the support I received from their legal faculty and staff. Despite having thousands of students, I felt like I was their only student. Whether it was texting Professor Richard Freer on a Saturday afternoon regarding a civil procedure query, or receiving a personal call from Mike Sims a week out from the exam to motivate me, I felt valued and unconditionally supported on the tough journey. I cannot sing BARBRI's praises enough. Thank you.

Andrew R.

Harvard Law School '17

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

BARBRI gives you all the tools you need for success on the bar exam. The thorough materials you receive at the beginning of the summer provide you with ample study guides and realistic practice materials. The daily study plan assures you that you are staying on track with your studying. This combination of well-developed tools allows you to feel as confident as you possibly can when you walk into the bar exam.

Kristin Noonan

Villanova University School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

BARBRI was an essential part of my success on those exam days. From day one, BARBRI AMP was a great primer to subjects I'd forgotten. The progress tracking tools kept me engaged throughout the study process. I was blown away by the MBE Review lectures; those professors knew exactly what to expect on the bar. I definitely put in the work, but the course was worth every penny!

Sean Tate

Sean Tate University of Texas School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

I was extremely satisfied with my experience in the course and ended up with a 167 MBE score. I really put a lot of faith in the BARBRI program and it paid off. Thanks again!

Michael Robinson

Boston University School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

This is truly the best program. I took Kaplan for the CO review and it was simply not up to par. I had to take the CO bar again and the second time took BARBRI. It made all the difference.

Marilyn E Coto Juarez

Seton Hall University School of Law

Creating the highest number of licensed attorneys every single year for over 50 years.

I came to BARBRI after I had taken a bar review course from Themis. While they did have outlines, essays, and practice MBE questions as advertised, they did not match the quality and and detail of BARBRI’s study material. BARBRI’s advantage comes from the years of experience that goes into crafting a comprehensive curriculum. Most importantly, I never felt lost at any point of the process. Answers to essays and multiple choice questions were well explained. If I was really stumped, I could always count on the feedback from BARBRI graders. Having this peace of mind during the lead up to the bar exam allowed me to focus during the exam. My hats off to BARBRI. As a satisfied BARBRI customer, I will continue to preach the word.

Juan Ramos

University of Texas School of Law