Guest Blog by Courtney Boykin
3L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

3L Motivation? I’ve been working since the beginning of the school year and BOY am I feeling it.

Someone asked me the other day how my 3L year was going and I told her it’s trying to kick my butt. Thankfully, though, I’m making it.

Over my law school career, I’ve learned the importance of planning ahead and pacing myself with large projects. Although I always knew the importance, I tended to work last minute on many of my previous assignments. Now, I wouldn’t call it procrastination. I just had a legitimate belief that I worked best produced my best work under pressure. *side eye*

This year is different.

As you can recall, I am right in the middle of two 25-page projects, one for my law school courses and the other for my master’s degree. As a result, there have been times where I find it difficult to work on an assignment. There’s just something about my 3L year that hinders me from being motivated to complete certain assignments. There have even been times where I can only write one paragraph at a time. Whether it’s writer’s block or lack of 3L motivation, I knew I would have to attack these assignments strategically.

As a result, with these projects, I’ve given myself due dates with the flexibility of not meeting them. That sounds ridiculous and irresponsible, but it works for me. Because I know when I sit down to write there is a potentiality for nothing to come out, I plan accordingly.

So, here’s my advice. Know your work ethic and be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid to step away from a project, but make sure to give yourself the flexibility to do just that.