“Extra good, extra useful” law school graduation gift ideas


[ Makenzie Way, 3L at the University of Pennsylvania ]

So the time has finally come, your favorite law student is about to graduate and you have no idea what to buy them! With commencement ceremonies being pushed online, and in-person ceremonies being postponed, the law student in your life is sure to appreciate any gift you decide to give them … that said, if you want it to be something extra good, or extra useful, here are few ideas!

  1. Every aspiring lawyer needs a nice briefcase to tote their belongings and casefiles around. Try to stick to long-lasting materials like leather, and neutral colors, to ensure your soon-to-be-attorney gets the most use of it.
  2. Scrounging around in your purse or pockets for a business card isn’t very professional. Save your soon-to-be-lawyer from the embarrassment and buy them a business cardholder. Bonus points if it’s engraved with their school name or their initials.
  3. Diploma frames are expensive ($150 – $300), and yet they’re almost universally wanted by graduating students. Reach out to your law grad and offer to purchase, or pitch in, for the diploma frame.
  4. The most classic gift of all might be the whiskey tumbler and decanter set, or wine glasses.
  5. If your grad isn’t a big drinker, you can also buy some fun coffee mugs and/or travel mugs – trust me, we like our caffeine.
  1. Business attire! We’re all going to have to wear it, and you can really never have too much. Make sure to get a gift receipt in case something doesn’t fit, or go the safe route and buy an accessory like a tie.
  2. Speaking of business attire, what’s one staple of the American lawyer’s outfit? A watch. Sure, your law grad may have an apple watch, but do they have a nice professional looking watch? If not, consider gifting them one for graduation.
  3. Books. What law student doesn’t like books? This idea is pretty broad, you can go the legal route and buy them a Barnes and Noble collectible edition of the Constitution – it will look lovely on a bookshelf – or you can go the sentimental route and buy them ‘Oh, the places you will go’ or you can even buy them a book of legal jokes. The world is yours.
  1. You can never go wrong with a gift card, especially during this new virtual (and online) reality we’re all living in. Same goes for cash.
  2. Your soon-to-be-lawyer will likely appreciate a funny, or puny, legal t-shirt. It can serve as their bar studying attire.
  1. If you’re really feeling the funny gifts, and I mean why not, we could all use a good laugh right now. Consider putting together an entire care package. Grab your puny t-shirt, your favorite law inspired mug, a book of law jokes, and a few extras, like this fantastic ‘divorce papers’ scented candle, and gavel foam stress toy (great for bar studying stress).
The Smell of DivorceStress Gavel

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