Graduation Photos: 5 Potential Locations

Guest Blog by Courtney Boykin, 3L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

3Ls! I don’t know about you, but I’m really excited about graduation photos.

I know there are a thousand and one other things we could talk about right now (like, the fact that bar applications are opening VERY soon), but let’s just have some fun for a moment.

When I was in high school and undergraduate school, I took graduation photos/announcements VERY SERIOUSLY. My hair had to be just right. My outfit(s) had to be just right. The location had to be just right.

Everything had to be just right.

Now, that it’s that time again, I’ve come to a “creative block.” I can’t seem to figure out how or where I want to take my pictures. Nonetheless, I’ve done some research and here are 5 potential locations for a law school graduation photo shoot.

  1. Your School
    So, this is probably the most common place to take shots, but you could always get creative by going to a specific area of your school. Consider a random classroom or, if your school is a historic building like mine, consider going to those historic rooms that you rarely enter. It could be a fun way to highlight the school.
  2. A Courtroom
    Even if you don’t want to be a litigator, it might be fun to have a photo shoot in a courtroom. It may not be possible to get into an actual courtroom just for photos, but there may be a mock courtroom in your school. If you’re really creative you could even stage your own courtroom.

    Harvard Law School Commencement 2018
  3.  Group Photos
    If you started with a crew and you made it with the crew, then take the photos with your crew. This could be a great way to commemorate the moment. There are tons of these types of photos online, but you could easily make the shot unique.
  4. Random Location in The City
    I’m fortunate to attend school in a metropolitan city. Memphis is full of historic sites and landmarks. We have monuments and beautiful bridges (with colorful lights, btw!). We even have contemporary parks with twinkling-light fixtures. Find the beauty in your city and get to snapping!
  5. A Studio
    This is another classic location. If you have access to a studio, you could always make your graduation photos have that “professional headshot” vibe. These types of photos could be used for multiple purposes, not just for graduation announcements; which is also cool.