How are you doing? Self care.

Guest Blog by Courtney Boykin, 3L at the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law

So, how are you?

We’re at the midpoint of the semester and I have ONE question: How are you doing?

I’m not asking about whether you understand the substance of your classes or whether you’re understanding legal doctrines or whether you’re still briefing cases…or whether your outlines are up to date (because let’s be honest we know they’re not).

I’m asking about YOU.

How are YOU doing?

Think about it. Are you physically tired or mentally exhausted? Are you burning out?

If so, I encourage you to take some time to recuperate. Just take a moment and unwind. You’ve been working really hard and you’ve earned it.

Here are a few quick ways to take a breather:

  • Take a walk (outside or around your)
  • Watch a movie
  • Read a non-law related book
  • Take a trip back home
  • Exercise
  • Go shopping (retail therapy!)
  • Go eat your favorite sweet treat
  • Color in a coloring book (just try it!)
  • Sit and “people watch”
  • Take a nap
  • Do nothing (which works just as well)

So, whether you’re burnt out on studying or reading, just take a moment and step back. I know we all like to think we’re superhuman, but even superheroes have their limits. There’s no need to “burn the midnight oil,” when there’s no oil left. Your body and mind will thank you for it!