Midpoint Bar Prep Check-In: #BarPrepLife

GUEST BLOG Katie R. Day,
Quinnipiac University School of Law Graduate

Hey y’all! Guess what?

We’re at the Midpoint Bar Prep Check-In! Should I be excited or nervous? I’m definitely a bit of both. The good news is that we still have a month until we take the bar exam, which gives us a decent amount of time study and memorize.

To make sure that I was on track, and that I was using the remaining month as effectively as possible, I did a little “midpoint bar prep check-in” with myself. It can be hard to look critically at the work you’re doing, but it’s also really helpful in holding yourself accountable.

When I looked critically at my study habits, I realized I’m not 100% focused while I’m reviewing my notes and making flashcards and I could be getting those things done quicker and learning more if I stopped turning Netflix on in the background.

Also, I realized that I was getting a little burnt out and wasn’t making sure I was taking care of myself. To combat that I decided to take an afternoon off to spend time at a family event, which helped me to recharge and decreased my stress level.

I really recommend that everyone take a few minutes to do a midpoint bar prep check-in. Evaluate the progress you’ve made and see where you can be more efficient. Make a note of the topics that are most challenging for you and spend some more time on those areas. Review your Barbri Personal Study Plan and make sure you’re staying on top of the assignments. If you’re not happy with your progress so far, you still have time to course correct and get yourself back on track.

And remember, while it’s super important to critically examine your study habits, also take some time to evaluate your health and make sure you’re taking care of yourself mentally and physically as you prep for the bar exam!