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Music to Study By

GUEST BLOG Stephanie Baldwin,
1L atUniversity of Arizona

Do you have favorite music to study by? Before law school, I usually preferred to study in silence. However, this all changed when one of my study group friends introduced me to a YouTube livestream that always has great music and made it less awkward that the four of us were sitting together without saying anything while we read for our classes. I began asking around for other recommendations and while everyone tastes vary, here are a few of my favorites from Spotify.

“Movie Scores Study”

Created by Haley Stewart—342 songs, 20 hours and 53 minutes.

With over 20 hours of music, if you are a fan of movies, this can provide great background ambiance. A few of the songs can be a bit “too intense” for my liking and can be a distraction, but with so many songs included it’s easy to skip ahead and have plenty of songs waiting for you.

Because of this list, I discovered that a few of my favorite songs came exclusively from the movie Up. This soundtrack always seems to put me in a great mood to study, you can find it here.

“Pump Up Instrumental”

Creator: hsheck—17, 107 songs, 5 hours and 28 minutes

Described as “similar to battle music or something you hear in a motivational video” this playlist lives up to its name by putting me in the mood to conquer the reading in front of me. It’s a bit intense, however it does this without being distracting, and I rarely skip a song. I find this to be the perfect playlist for when I can’t quite get into the mood to study or when I find other playlists to relaxing and I need to get reenergized. After a song or two, I am ready to go! It’s the exact opposite of the “Study Music and Calm Music for Studying and Relaxation” playlist included below.

“Study Music and Calm Music for Studying and Relaxation”

Created by trishrock—74, 9909 songs, 342 hours 41 minutes.

This might be the playlist you start, and actually not finish by the end of the year! With a whopping 9909 songs, it features mostly instrumental music and tunes you might find playing in the background at a spa. It sets the mood for a focused and calm study session. Some might find this too relaxing, but multiple people mentioned it to me when I asked for suggestions on Instagram @The1LLife.

“Law School Study”

With a mix of instrumental music found on soundtracks from movies, television shows, and musicals, it provides nearly 40 hours of music, without too much overlap from the “Movie Scores Study” playlist. It has a great mix of mellow and upbeat songs to keep the mood varied enough that I don’t find myself wanting a nap.

“Music for Law School”

Created by Mel John, 51 songs, 2 hours and 44 minutes.

A mix of classical, and instrumental songs, this playlist has quickly become one of my favorites. Its relaxing without being TOO relaxing and puts me into a great frame of mind, plus the playlist is long enough, I will rarely hear repeats and if I do, it’s time to take a break!

Is there a playlist you’d recommend of music to study by that I missed? If so, share it with me @The1LLife on twitter!

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