It's Not About Pass Rates.
It's About Passing.

Pass rates won’t make you a lawyer – your score will. And BARBRI is your best bet to join the right side of the curve.

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Move Over, Pass Rates.
Let’s Talk Points.

About 9 out of 10 BARBRI students who do the average amount of work pass the bar exam. But we don’t talk about that number because a pass rate has nothing – yes nothing – to do with how you will perform on the bar.

Better Prep.
Better Score.
First, let’s look at this sample data of one law school’s bar scores during summer 2018. This graph shows the obvious — the more work you complete, the higher score you'll achieve. The blue dots represent BARBRI students.
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Better Prep.
Better Score.
Now we’re looking at non-BARBRI students, and we see the same pattern.

Again, makes sense.
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Here we see both students’ scores together. Notice the top line – the BARBRI line. That’s the BARBRI advantage, or more specifically, more exam points for the same amount of effort. 
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Find Confidence
in the Cushion.
To put a finer point on it, in this study, those who prepped with BARBRI scored an average of 31 points higher than the passing score while the non-BARBRI students cut it much closer.

When so many students fail by very few points, every point matters. Which group do you want to be in on exam day?
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Students choose BARBRI for the numbers that truly matter – the confidence-boosting point cushion, and the exam scores that set the curve.

What to Expect, How to Succeed, Why it Works.

Hear Mike Sims, President of BARBRI Bar Review, squash the tall tales you’ve heard and share the truth you need to know about owning the bar.

Setting You Up for Success is Our Job. Committing to Success is Yours.

Meet ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach.

ISAAC, your Intuitive Study Assistant and Coach, allows you to study smarter, not harder. ISAAC gets to know you as a student and learns how well you’re retaining knowledge and applying things you’ve learned as you progress, then adjusts your study plan accordingly. Instead of wasting time studying everything, ISAAC focuses you on the areas of the law most likely to appear on your exam, though frequency analysis technology and science-backed algorithms.

Time to Own the Bar.

At the peak of studying, average passing students put in just over 8 hours of work a day. That’s a full-time job. To pass, you must put in the time and effort and that’s the case across the board. But, BARBRI can make it easier with our data-backed study plan powered by ISAAC. While many types of assignments factor into your 8-hour study day, these three components are most correlated to your overall bar exam success.


Acquire Knowledge

Acquire Knowledge


of your time spent learning the law with lectures


Apply Learnings

Apply Learnings


of your time spent answering MBE practice questions


of your time spent writing practice essays


Assess Understanding

Assess Understanding


hours of your time to know where you sit on the bar exam curve weeks before the actual exam

The BARBRI Simulated MBE is as correlated to the actual MBE as the PSAT is to the SAT. Just experiencing this powerful simulation will statistically increase your chances of passing the bar. And only BARBRI has it.

Join the 1.3 Million Lawyers Who Have Owned the Bar with BARBRI Bar Review.

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