Advice from 3Ls on how to prepare for your 2L summer

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By Makenzie Way, University of Pennsylvania Carey Law School

So you’ve landed a summer job, but you don’t start until May, so what do you do to fill the time? Obviously, you want to come in prepared, make a good impression, convince them you’re worth a full-time job offer. How do you differentiate yourself from the rest of your summer associate class?

I interviewed a number of 3L’s, asking them about their 2L summer experience, what they did right, what they did wrong, and what they wish they’d done, and here’s the advice that I got.

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You don’t need to read every article that is sent your way, but every 3L I spoke to said the best way to appear competent in a particular field, aside from taking courses, is to read up on what is happening in that field in real-time.

Brush up on the Rules of Professional Conduct

Whether or not you’ve taken your university’s professional responsibility course, or the MPRE, you should make sure you understand the Rules of Professional Conduct since these rules and regulations will be applicable to you and your firm over the summer!

2L Summer

Network with people from your firm

Networking is forever a part of a lawyer’s job. Networking within your own firm can start before the summer program begins; feel free to reach out to junior and senior associates, get their advice on how best to prepare for your summer. Reaching out early will also benefit you when it comes to case assignments!

Accumulate your business wardrobe

While the future may be unclear in terms of what we’ll be able to do in person vs online, most of us have one or two suits and that’s about it. The 2L summer is 10-weeks of employment where the dress code may likely be business formal or at a minimum, business casual. Make sure you’re not caught running to the dry cleaner in a mad panic because your one suit is dirty after two days on the job.

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