Business Development Skills for Legal Professionals

Think like a businessperson and help your firm (and career) to grow with our short courses

Law firms and their clients want legal professionals who are well rounded and equipped with the right skills and behaviours to meet industry and professional expectations. It is not enough to be able to think like a lawyer, you also need to think like a businessperson. From creating a business development strategy through to client engagement and networking, our new business development course will embed the necessary skills to help you (and your firm) grow.

Business Development


This concise course provides you with sufficient knowledge, theory and practice to give you the confidence to start developing productive and professional relationships with clients and colleagues.

Length of course: 5 hours
Learning method: Online, self-paced
What is included? Online workbooks, lectures and interactive exercises
Junior Lawyer Competency Skills: Business Awareness, Successful Communication, People Management

Commercial Savviness Masterclass

Live date: Tuesday 23 July 2024
TIME: 12:00 - 1:30PM BST

Clients and supervisors demand good ‘commercial awareness’ from their junior lawyers – but they often don’t explain what they mean by the term or how to gain it. This masterclass will do both.

Length of masterclass: 90 minutes
Learning method: Scheduled live workshop, virtual, interactive

Other professional development courses for
legal professionals

To help you achieve your potential as a successful legal professional, BARBRI offers other Professional Development courses, each designed to provide targeted, short, and readily accessible guidance to develop a complete skillset for your career.

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