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Matching an SQE Prep course to you

No matter what your current circumstances are, there is an SQE Prep course for you. BARBRI offers flexible courses at different durations to meet your needs. We believe that the course should adjust to the student, rather than the other way around. This empowers students to perform even better and enables them to reach their career goals from any starting point.

The course durations are set in a way that aligns with their respective exam sitting. This enables you to best retain the information learned. It also increases your chances of feeling confident on the exam and, ultimately, succeeding.

Key facts about the Solicitors Qualifying Exam (SQE)

The course is designed to make your learning experience as smooth as possible. It can be undertaken from any location and follows a clear, structured Personal Study Plan (PSP) which assigns you the required work for each week. It also tracks your performance and adjusts the study material based on your pace of study and scores. So, you will always know whether you are on track. In addition to this, your personal mentor will check in regularly to ensure that you are supported. Check out the SQE1 Prep course sample materials here for further insight into the course.

Despite the intuitive nature of the course, we appreciate that anything can happen during your studies. Your personal mentor would be available to discuss any such circumstances or concerns. You will also have the option to defer your SQE1 Prep course to another course duration to enable you to proceed with the studies. You can find out more information about that here.

Your BARBRI Guarantee

Should you not pass on your first attempt, we also offer a BARBRI Guarantee. This means that you would be able to join any other SQE1 Prep course for free within 12 months of the original result date. This includes switching to any other course duration which would be more suitable for you.

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