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As a law graduate, the new SQE route to qualification is your ticket. With BARBRI's super flexible online SQE preparation courses, you can learn while you earn. And knowing that we have 50 years of legal education experience, affordable fee structures and superb pass rates... You're in good hands.
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BARBRI's SQE Prep courses

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What our students say about BARBRI

Nick Denys

"Barbri's personal learning plan helped me to fit studying into my busy life. I never need worried about what to learn when. Every time I logged-on I was directed towards what I needed to do."

Lauren Hancock

"I am extremely impressed with the BARBRI SQE Prep course. The mock questions were very similar to those in the exam and the content BARBRI included on the course was extremely targeted making revision effortlessly efficient."

Ali Yaacoub

"Trust BARBRI, they know what they are doing. I studied for SQE1 with BARBRI and the Personal Study Plan (PSP) they have put in place is just exceptional."

Athina Maneli

"The content is concise and whilst there is a lot to learn, the way the material is set out with BARBRI has meant I have never felt too overwhelmed."

Jenny Greene

"I completed both SQE1 and SQE2 and qualified as a solicitor last September. I have a non-law degree and to complete the GDL and LPC would have cost close to £30K. Without the introduction of this route, I would not be where I am today."

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The Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) is a single, national licensing examination that all aspiring solicitors will take before qualifying into England and Wales. If you hold a degree in any discipline from any recognised jurisdiction you will be eligible for the SQE.

To qualify you will need to:

  • have a degree in any subject (or equivalent qualification or work experience)
  • pass both stages of the SQE assessment - SQE1 focuses on legal knowledge and SQE2 on practical legal skills
  • have two years' qualifying work experience
  • pass the SRA’s character and suitability requirements.

SQE1 (Functioning Legal Knowledge)

You will be tested on the application of Functioning Legal Knowledge by single best answer multiple choice questions. The two SQE1 Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK) assessments comprise the following subject areas:

  1. Business Law and Practice; Dispute Resolution; Contract; Tort; Legal System of England and Wales; Constitutional and Administrative Law and EU Law and Legal Services.
  2. Property Practice; Wills and the Administration of Estates; Solicitors Accounts; Land Law; Trusts; Criminal Law and Practice.

Ethics and Professional Conduct is examined pervasively across both FLK exams, and principles of Taxation are assessed in the context of Business Law and Practice, Property Practice, and Wills and the Administration of Estates.

SQE2 (Practical Legal Skills Assessments)

You will be tested on:

  • client interviewing with linked attendance note/legal analysis 
  • advocacy
  • case and matter analysis
  • legal research and written advice
  • legal drafting
  • legal writing.

The subjects assessed in SQE2 are Property, Probate, Business, Criminal, and Dispute Resolution.

Read the SQE2 Assessment Specification for more detail on what will be tested.

Please note candidates are assessed to the standard of a day one newly qualified solicitor. 

You may find that you are exempt from parts of the SQE.

If you have undertaken the Legal Practice Course (LPC), you can be exempt from the SQE1.

If you are qualified lawyer overseas looking to dual-qualify in England & Wales via the SQE, you may find that your home jurisdiction is in the list of exemptions for either the SQE1 or SQE2. 

For details on exemptions, whether you qualify, as well as how to apply for these, please check the SRA website here.

Please click here to read and contact the SRA directly about your request for reasonable adjustments at the test centres.

For information on how BARBRI supports you during the learning process, please visit this page.

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