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Standalone course, or paired with the SQE1 Prep course for the January 2024 exam

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Foundations in Law is an online course designed to introduce you to the common law system practised in England and Wales. It is suitable for anyone wanting some background, from admin professionals working in the legal profession to others working in for instance HR, tax and compliance, who can benefit from foundational knowledge. It is also the perfect complement to our SQE Prep courses for students who have not studied law at an undergraduate level, those who practise law in different jurisdictions, or who haven’t studied law for a long time.

The course provides an explanation of legal terminology, concepts and skills before embarking on the SQE1 Prep course.

What's included...

  • Flexible 6-week course (approximately 10 hours per week).
  • The course consists of lectures, workbooks, self-review questions and guided interactive learning activities and feedback.
  • Course content covers the legal system of England and Wales, legal research and key legal concepts.
  • Having completed the Foundations in Law course, those who want to qualify as a solicitor may immediately move on to the SQE1 Prep course.

These materials are all organised in the context of your Personal Study Plan (PSP), which will adjust to your learning style and speed throughout your course.

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