Studies show BARBRI students score more points on the bar exam

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The bar exam is arguably the most important and most difficult test of your life. Nobody wants to fail. Everybody wants to walk into the exam with the confidence that they are going to pass, the first time. BARBRI students are best equipped to perform at the highest levels on exam day.

In all of the studies conducted by our data scientists, at schools across the United States, it was clear. BARBRI students achieved a higher average score on the bar exam than students using other bar prep courses.

It’s a significant differential. For example, in one study, the non-BARBRI student group cleared the pass line by six points on average. The BARBRI students scored 31 points above the passing mark. That’s 5x the cushion for a similar amount of effort.

Better prep, better score

Our in-house data scientists have analyzed four years of BARBRI student data and continue to work closely with law schools nationwide. Among the tens of thousands of data points gathered, they spotted an eye-opening pattern: Per hour of study, BARBRI students scored more points on the bar exam compared to non-BARBRI students.

Other studies have shown that all activities assigned during your BARBRI bar prep course are positively correlated to increased points on the bar exam and, ultimately, bar passage. To read more about that, click here.

This means that students who use BARBRI to prep for the bar are better prepared. It also means that they studied smarter, not harder, with the time that they put into their bar prep.

The true BARBRI advantage

Here is a closer look at a study. First, we see that students who complete a higher percentage of assignments in their course get a higher average bar exam score. That’s what you’d generally expect.

In the chart below, all the blue dots are BARBRI students and the dotted line represents the relationship between bar review course completion and final bar exam score. The dotted line slopes upward, which means the higher percentage of BARBRI course completion, the better students do on the bar exam. Simple enough.

When we look at the group of bar takers who did not study with BARBRI, we see a similar upward trajectory.

When we combine both BARBRI and non-BARBRI student scores within the graph, it reveals the true BARBRI advantage – when students study with BARBRI, they get more points for their effort.

Confidence in the (huge) cushion

Many who are unsuccessful on the bar exam fail by 10 or fewer points. Wouldn’t you rather go in with the confidence of knowing you’re going to get the most points possible and give yourself the best chance possible?

This is just one reason why the majority of graduating law students trust BARBRI with their bar prep every single year.

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