Bar exam study tips: Submit practice essays to develop skills

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By Steve Levin,
BARBRI Vice President of International Development and Legal Writing

Don’t wait to build up your bar exam focused writing skills

When I ask students who scored lower on the bar exam or were just below the threshold of passing, whether they submitted practice essays during bar prep, often the answer is “no” or “not many.” I’ve heard from students, in the past, that they felt the need to know all the rules of the law before they could or should submit a practice essay during bar review.

As you may already know, the essay portion of the bar exam is critical to your overall score in every state and in some states, more weight is placed on the written portion in contrast to the MBE.

The best way to achieve proficiency is to tackle practice essays multiple times during BARBRI Bar Review and submit them for personal feedback – even while you are still learning the substantive material. This will enable you to continue your essay writing skill development.

Note that I said, “skill development.” Do not hold back on submitting a practice essay just because you are still learning the black letter law. When reviewing your essays, we aren’t just looking at your substantive knowledge – we also focus on feedback that helps refine your essay writing skills. Submitting essays as they are assigned during bar review, over time, will allow you to incorporate previous feedback into the next practice essay. You’ll move along an upward trajectory of continuous improvement and bar exam readiness.

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