What the UBE means to your legal job search, career marketability

UBE exam scores

The UBE (Uniform Bar Exam) was designed initially to help reduce the need for newly minted attorneys to take another bar exam in order to become licensed in another state or jurisdiction. The UBE permits you to transfer a score obtained in one UBE state/jurisdiction to another, subject to certain limitations.

Instant reciprocity, expanded job search

Students are benefiting from instant reciprocity, an immediate benefit right after passing the bar exam. With a high enough score, you can expand your job search, faster, into all UBE states. That makes you more marketable to employers in different parts of the country. You can target those firms and companies looking to hire to meet greater demand in areas less inundated with legal practitioners.

Passing UBE scores set independently

Each UBE state/jurisdicition sets its own minimum passing score, which ranges from 260 to 280. Your passing score is portable to another UBE state as long as you sit for the entire exam at one time in the same location. You may transfer the score to a state with a lower required passing score, even if you “fail” the bar exam in the state in which you sat.

Click here for UBE format and scoring details so you have all the information you need to know.

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